Review by Rich2648 on 2006-02-01
SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- I own a 2006 Nissan Altima and my car was one of the 429 affected by a possible contaminated water pump that could result in a coolant leak. Lucky me. Also, the dte (distance to empty) function on my car does not work properly. I have tested this many many times now. It is supposed to update itself about every 30 sec. On one of my tests, (this is the average outcome by the way) I maintained a flat speed, (40mph) and traveled on flat roads, the dte decreased by 14 miles in a 1 mile trip. I then drove 10 more miles. The dte decreased another 7 miles and then had increased another 23 miles by the end of the trip. I tried to take this car in 3 weeks after I got the contaminated water pump notice. The first dealer (Lou Fuzz) Saint Louis, MO said that they don't think that they have the parts and they will call me back. I ended up leaving a message on their machine and guess what? I am still waiting for them to return my call. The next dealer Suntrup (Same city/state) set me up with an appt. to come in. I arrived on time and they told me that I did not have an appt. and will have to come in next week. And by the way all of this and they have told me that my warranty will not cover a rental car even though I have taken out the extended warranty. Bull%$*.
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-02-02:
If you are trusting your DTE display, go ahead and get yourself an empty gallon gas can and put it in the trunk now - you will need it someday soon.

The DTE is at best an approximation - and yes, it will vary wildly as you drive. If you encounter a long, steep mountain climb then your DTE will drop faster than the miles you cover as your fuel consumption goes up compared to your average. Same thing if you are a leadfoot when taking off from traffic lights.

On the other hand, going down a long mountain grade or catching a good tail wind on the freeway might cause your DTE to drop less slowly than your actual miles.

As far as your recall, is it perhaps something they can fix in a few minutes while you wait? That's the only reason I can think of for denial of a rental car. Keep making noise - call the district office if need be and they should provide a loaner.
Posted by cars on 2007-01-07:
Lou Fusz Nissan is one of the best places to Buy and get your car serviced....If that qualify's bad service for not returning a measly phone call (You didn't even buy the car there) you have a problem lady
Posted by lfusz3 on 2008-06-19:
I am sorry to hear that no one contacted you. You are more than welcome to contact me on any issues, and I will help the best way I can.

Lou Fusz III

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