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Review by wkerns4 on 2013-03-04
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WASHINGTON, VIRGINIA -- My carrier in Arlington, VA stopped delivery of the Washington Post on Nov. 3, 2012, although I was paid up into February 2013. After repeated unanswered phone calls and a written complaint, no one responded. I decided to forfeit the money owed and abandon the hard-copy print. That was until mid-February 2013 when I received a bill/statement from the Washington Post.

On Monday, Feb. 25, 2013, I called the number on the statement (202-334-6100) to report that I had received no paper since Nov. 3, 2012. The lady was surprised and promised that the carrier would call me that day and to expect a newspaper on the following day. He did not call, nor deliver a paper.
On Tuesday, Feb. 26, with no paper delivered, I called the same number at the Post-- She apologized and promised that the carrier would call and also deliver a newspaper. He did not call.

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, the carrier called my home phone (my son answered) and asked him, "Look out the window to see if a paper in in your driveway.” My son said, "Yes, I see a paper." My son informed me of the phone call, and I went to the driveway to retrieve the paper but found that it was the Washington Times delivered without my permission. I am not a Times subscriber. Still no Washington Post as on February 27. I called the Post again to report that no delivery had been made of the Post. The woman at the Post said that she would have her manager call me, in that the carrier had not responded. Neither the carrier nor the Post manager called me.

On Thursday, Feb. 28, a Washington Times was delivered to my driveway but no Post. By this time, I am ready for action. A call to the Washington Times revealed that a subscription was started in my name two days ago without my knowledge or permission. I cancelled the subscription. Another call to the Washington Post (always the # 202-334-6100) on Thursday morning revealed my impatience. I explained that the manager nor the carrier had called nor delivered a paper. Well, I then received a call from the carrier who was rude and combative, stating that my son had verified the the paper was delivered.
To make a long story shorter, a Washington Post was delivered to my driveway on Friday, March 1. But on Saturday, March 2, only the Advertising section of the Sunday Post was delivered. On Sunday, March 3, no paper was delivered. The bottom line is that, since November 3, I have received only one day of the Post, plus a Sunday Advertising Section only.
I have never encountered any business so unresponsive as the Washington Post. No wonder that newspapers are going out of business.

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, a copy of the Washington Times appeared in my driveway but no Washington Post (I am not a Times subscriber). I called the Post a third straight day to protest that nothing had been done to resolve my problem. She said to expect a call from her manager, in that the carrier had not responded. She was certain that a copy of the Post would be delivered the following morning.
On Thursday Feb. 28, I called the Times to inform that that their paper was being delivered to me home without my permission. They cancelled the subscription that someone else had created for me and delivered by the Washington Post delivery man. The lady at the Post who answered my call on the 27th promised that her manager would call me to work out the problem, in that the carrier had not responded to me. BUT, the manager never called me. Instead the carrier made a combative call that was unlike anything I have ever heard from a "customer service." He claimed that he had delivered the Post on the 26th and 27th, when the reality was a Washington Times paper that he left in the driveway. On Feb. 28, a Washington Post paper appeared in my driveway for the first time since Nov. 3. I thought the problem was solved, but it lasted for only one day. On Saturday, March 2, the carrier delivered only the Sunday advertising section of the Post, and nothing was delivered on Sunday, March 3, 2013.
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Posted by Alain on 2013-03-04:
Give their corporate office a call at [202] 334-6000. Ask to speak to Ann McDaniel (Senior Vice Prseident) or Kris Coratti (Director-Public Relations). Don't let them switch you to the circulation department.
Posted by Jeff on 2013-03-04:
Did you tell the carrier that he is delivering the wrong paper? SOunds like the carrier delivers both the washington times and the washington post. Sounds like its a huge problem though...hope they work it out for you.

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