Blue Bay Club Los Angeles Locos, Tenacatita, Mexico Informative - Los Angeles Locos - much too loud!

Review by rhurkens on 2006-02-06
MANZANILLO, MEXICO -- We just returned on Jan 29/06 from a week at the Blue Bay Club Los Angeles Locos near Manzanillo, Mexico. This all-inclusive resort is at least 15 miles from any village or town (or shopping). About half of the guests are Mexicans, with the rest being mainly Canadians and Americans.

This is a resort for people who like very loud “music”. There is a stage overlooking the pool area, and on each side there is a 6’x6’ bank of speakers, fed by a very powerful amplifier. The whole thing looks like a boom box, and between the hours of about 9am and 10 pm, it is on constantly, at very high volume and bass. The music is mostly disco, and is dominated by the WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP WHUMP of the speakers (two WHUMPs per second, by my count!). As a result, the pool area is not conducive at all to quiet reflection such as conversation or reading a book. To make it worse, whenever there is an ‘activity’, a staff member starts yelling into a microphone with the enthusiasm of a Brazilian soccer announcer reporting a goal, for up to an hour at a time!! We ended up going as far down the beach as possible where there were still beach umbrellas, just to lessen the noise. Attempts to ask them to turn the volume down were successful, but only for a few seconds before it was cranked right up again (we were told, ‘aren’t you here to party??’). Furthermore, there is a VERY LOUD jukebox near the reception area, which periodically erupts in a fervor of noise.

The food at the restaurants rate about a C in my opinion, with a lot of overcooked meats, and repetitive menus. The only break is the a-la-carte restaurant, where the food is better (perhaps a B grade) but alas one is only eligible to eat there once in a week. Curiously, no restaurants are open at all between 11am and 1pm, nor from 6pm to 7pm – the usual time for northern visitors to dine! And of course each restaurant has a sound system, turned up very loud, which competes with the big system in the theatre. There are tea bags available, which produce a drink which is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea. The coffee is wretched.

There is nightly entertainment in the theatre, mostly dancing done with flair and enthusiasm and complex costumes, but again at a music noise level which is eardrum shattering. Some local musicians would be a nice change.

The ocean waves are fun to play in, but people seem to forget that each cubic meter of water weighs a ton; one woman broke her arm, and two men suffered bashed and cut noses from being slammed into the bottom by poorly timed attempts to body surf.

The ‘jungle tour’ is a couple of hours through the mangroves. Alas, the 60hp motors of the boats ensure that all wildlife has left the area, and one sees only water and mangroves. Yawn. The horseback riding is a slow amble down the beach. We say some crocs in the swamp behind the hotel, near their sewage pump – plug your nose and have a look.

We managed to make a holiday of it anyway, enjoying the sun, sea, sand, and warmth, but I would not go there again, nor would I recommend it to anybody until they cut back the noise (our neighbors told us they went there twice in the past few years, and did not experience this problem; seems to be an invention of recent management.)

Now I need a peaceful vacation.

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