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2013 Dodge Journey - Complaint
Review by forest.martha on 2013-03-22
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MILLINGTON, TENNESSEE -- I purchased a new vehicle from Homer Skelton Dodge in Millington, TN on 2/15/2013. I love my new vehicle, however the dealership lacks much in customer service, fair trade, ethics, professionalism and just common courtesy.

I first had to return to the dealership on 3/11/2013 because I had not received new proof of insurance cards from my insurance company. I was told that someone had made an oversight and would take care of the matter.

Secondly, I had to return to the dealership on 3/21/2013 because my temporary license plate had expired and I had not heard from anyone concerning my plate. I was told that plate was in, but I owed an additional $94.50. I was told that because my old plate was to expire in less than 30 days of my new purchase, they could not do a transfer.

I asked about “transfer” being on my contract and being charged $26.00 for that purpose. They acknowledged that this was correct, but “someone dropped the ball and did not process the transaction correctly, mainly the salesperson or the finance person. I told them that I was not going to pay any additional money because this is what I was quoted and this is what was printed on my contract as well as theirs. I left without resolution.

I called the next day and got the run-around and talked to several people and still could not get any satisfaction. I talked to Mr. Barnes and he told me that he would look into it and someone would call me back. No one did. I told him that I gave them the registration for the trade-in vehicle and the plate from the old vehicle and they both had the expiration date clearly reflected on each. I also told him that I was unaware of how this procedure worked and that I trusted that they knew what they were doing so I had no reason to think otherwise.

I asked to speak to someone in charge and I was transferred and no one answered. I finally got a call from[snip]Racine, GM of the dealership. Mr. Racine was VERY condescending, rude, unprofessional and treated me like he was scolding his child. He told me that he would not release the new plate until I paid the additional monies. He also said that I would, “pay them or pay the DMV.” He said he was trying to save me time from having to go home, get my check book and come on back and pay the additional money so I could get my plate. He also questioned if I “understood how vehicle registration worked; if I understood that I was going to have to pay registration regardless of whom it was paid to; I explained that the principle of fair and ethical work practices had been violated and the issue here is not about money.

That fact of the matter was that I had been inconvenienced by having to deal with the unethical and uncouth practices of the dealership of which he was in charge. This information had not been given at the time of purchase and I was totally trusting that I was being given the correct information and also being treated fairly. The call ended with no resolution.

I asked Mr. Racine for his last name and he “spelled” it for me as though I was illiterate. I felt belittle, degraded, embarrasssed made feel as though I had done something wrong when they readily acknowledge that THEY made the mistakes.

I am retiree of the Department of Defense where I gave 35 years of outstanding and dedicated service to my country. I believe that I deserve to be treated in a better way that I was by this establishment. I believe that Mr. Racine treated me this way because he does not care about the consumer once he gets their business and also that I am a female and I am African-American.

Most of the vehicle sales from this dealership comes from the Military who are stationed at the base where I worked which is only about 1 mile away. I know that my Commanding Officer doesn’t know how his people are being treated by this dealership. Once a deal is made, I’ve got a sales contract, forget the buyer. In the meantime, if I get stopped by law enforcement I could be cited due to an expired temporary plate which is not my fault.
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Posted by Nohandle on 2013-03-22:
What does female AND African American have to do with your less than satisfactory service? I've heard of dealerships not wanting to deal with women thinking they can't make a final decision but not the African American one coming into play unless it was both. One would be amazed with the both being fully capable of taking care of a transaction and paying the bill.
Posted by Karnamay on 2013-03-23:
Maybe your Commanding Officer should be made aware of these issues as this might prevent others from similar problems. They will be forced to clean up their act and be more transparent with customers.
Posted by BigAl on 2013-03-23:
The Op is in the wrong here. The dealer has done nothing wrong. They did not agree to pay the OPs cost of license plates. They merely agreed to act as agent for tranfer. The only problem that might be here is if she was not given credit for the $26 charged for the transfer.

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