UW Madison Transfer Admissions - UW Madison & MATC Contract Seems Fraudulant

Review by coachmom on 2013-04-03
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MADISON, WISCONSIN -- My child is a student at MATC and currently on the Deans list with a 3.8 GPA for the last semester. She is currently getting all A's and AB's for the current term as well as a full time student. She had one bad class last year where approximately 60% of the class either dropped, failed, or received a grade of a D. This seems like a teacher problem!?!?!

My child has signed the transfer contract with MATC and UW Madison. She entered MATC at the age 16 (yes, 16 - she graduated HS early). She was denied access to UW Madison with no reason given. When calling admissions, she finds that her school made an error on a transfer credit. She got that fixed and refaxed to them. The counselor told her to appeal the denial as she was a great candidate for reconsideration. So she did.

Not only did she just appeal, she got 4 teachers and an employer to send in a letter of recommendation (two of those teachers asked her if they could send one in on her behalf). She picked up two more classes - one advanced intemediate 8 week class and one interim class to help her case that she was motivated and ready for the class vigor at UW. She also talked to the assistant transfer director who was very impressed with her appeal letter and extra work giving her a better than average chance of winning an appeal. He even agreed to walk over the appeal letter to the appeals board himself. We also sent in her HS books for the credit in question on the HS transcript.

Four weeks letter we get a second denial with no reason. At this point, she would have met every criteria required by the transfer contract. Seems fraudulent to me......Or at minimum false advertising.

My child got into every other school she applied at. What is the reason and explanation for UW Madison??? When we asked about the contract, we get the canned response "it's not a binding contract". Can someone help me understand this???
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-04-03:
You didn't mention her ACT and SAT scores. Those are often criteria for college admission. Other than that I don't think a complaint online or on the phone will get you many results. You would likely need to go to the admissions office and calmly and politely ask for the explanation from someone there.
Posted by coachmom on 2013-04-05:
Thanks - we do plan on doing that as well. We do know that someone was admitted last fall with a lower GPA from MATC via the contract. This person was not involved in "any" extra activities either. False advertising per se?

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