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Review by mrs.baker1985 on 2013-04-26
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AMHERST, OHIO -- I leased my car in November 2012. I love the car, it's a great car and wonderfully affordable, but...I agreed to do my taxes through them for my deposit. First of all the general manager was a no show to two of my tax appts. I drove 15 minutes to two different appointments to find out he "left for the day." So he gave me a gas card and one month did my taxes. Ok well when I initially got my return quote when I got the car they said I was getting between $8500.00- $9000.00 back so out of excitement I told them they could keep $ 3,000.00 Which was way more than I was obligated to pay. By the way the salesman did go off of my last paycheck at the time and he said the quote would be accurate... No surprises. Ok so when the gm finally did my taxes I was only gonna get back $ 7,000.00. How convenient after I offered them almost half of that return. I was pissed but I was binded by a contract to pay it. So I let it go as lesson learned. Well a month later my brakes started squeaking like a schoolbus. Luckily my brakes are covered by the warranty. So they fixed it for 25 bucks. I was like "heck yea good deal" so y did the problem come back and worse two weeks later? I had heard byrider puts a "bandaid" on the problems and they do.

So I went in a second time and they fixed it and waived my $25 deductible. Well two weeks later it came back again. They had already replaced the brake pads twice I was getting pissed. So I called that unprofessional gm to complain and he said I have to look everything up I'll get back to you.

Well I don't say that to them when they want a car payment. Ha that was my attitude I told him I would get an attorney about the lemon law. He said go ahead the lemon law doesn't exist. Of course I didn't believe him and called a lawyer and in fact does exist and I had a case. So I had to call CNAC for the GMs boss phone number because the gm, wasn't taking my calls how convenient. He actually personally fixed my brakes....Its only been a week lets see. L have the lawyer on standby and he is salivating for this case...So watch out guys....Now tht i'm stuck i'm stuck....Don't get stuck! Run away!!!!
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-04-26:
Either the technician that changed your brakes didn't use the anti-squeek lube that goes between the caliper piston and the pads or he didn't use enough of it. Squeeking is caused, not by bad brakes, but by the piston rotating against the outside of the pad. I doubt very seriously any lemon law would apply as most of them apply only to brand new cars that are under a month old. Hopefully they used the proper products this time and you'll be satisfied.

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