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Review by sab100359 on 2013-05-03
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LEXINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA -- After many successful years of creating a multi-million dollar business from nothing, I became very ill. My family was told twice while I was in the hospital that I would not make it. I was doing business with two other banks, both of which went into receivership. The FDIC wanted payment in full, or the loans taken out by another bank. After being lied to about the financial strength of First Reliance bank, and also told they did not participate in TARP loans from the government, I refinanced one of the loans with them. While I went through 6 surgeries in roughly 13 months, then told there was nothing else they could do for me, the Officers of that bank immediately tried to take possession of the property.

One officer of the bank told the appraiser to lie, and pretend to be a potential buyer. My business and personal bills totaled around $90,000/month. Even though I had no income coming in as a result of my illness, ALL bills were paid until I simply ran out of everything I had worked my whole life for. The officers of the bank engaged in false threats, ethical, as well as possibly civil and criminal actions, flat out lies, and the worst possible reflection of a bank one could imagine. The specific loan mentioned had been paid down to approx. $289,000. It was originally appraised for $415,000. They sold it for $250,000, then after scratching out a personal deficiency judgment against me, as they agreed, they went back to court and requested a personal deficiency judgment for $131,000! They were given the keys to the property, as part of our agreement just a few months after default. I called one of the officers of the bank for an explanation. His first comment was he heard I had died. Instead of professionally talking to me, or providing me with yet another lie, I was firmly told not to go to any of their locations, or speak to any of their employees, and to direct all questions to their attorney. I was quite surprised he became so defensive over a sick and dying man who questioned why they once again LIED.

I contacted their lawyer and explained that besides the original appraised price, the entire house was fitted with custom plantation blinds, Roman shades, and other window treatments retailing for over $9,000, plus a $6,000 privacy fence and an additional $2,000 in landscaping. I asked how they could or would have sold it only for $250,000, Why they scratched my name off for a personal deficiency judgment then went back to court to add it back on, and how with the principle paid down to around $289,000, and them giving away the house for $250,000, which only left a difference of $39,000, how they arrived at a deficiency judgment for $131,000. I asked for a breakdown of that $131,000 from the attorney, and he claimed he did not have it, and did not know how it came to that amount. I have spoken with the banking commission, who was very interested in what I had to say, and gave me instructions, which included obtaining an attorney Pro Bono, filing charges with the FDIC, Department of Consumer Affairs, and others.

In addition, I have talked with a producer of a well known national prime-time televised program. I was told to go through a series of steps, completing one step after another. Through every legal means as they described. I only hope to live long enough to see them on national TV. As instructed, I gave them a very reasonable offer to resolve all matters, which they declined as I was told they would. This paves the way for the rest of all actions to take place. Since part of the issues concern various ethics and policies as outlined by the Board of Directors, they are deemed to have been in complete compliance with the actions and lies of their officers in the Lexington, SC branch. For the rest of my shortened life I will be on disability, with no possible way of ever paying it off, so it really does not matter from one perspective, however, people and companies who lie, cheat, and steal must be held accountable. This is one case I would like to prevent other people and businesses from going through. It will take time, but that will not affect me.

I will be video taping everything I went through, and yes, their lies and actions caused me very much pain, suffering and most certainly shortened my life even more, as I am supposed to avoid stress at all costs. If I do not survive until the end, I am speaking with other people who will pick up the torch when I have to lay it down. ALL of the lies, and questionable activities will come out through all the court cases, investigative journalism, and various legal entities. Until then, I strongly suggest that you ask business people and individuals about their dealings with the bank. IF you can find any, ask these questions of LONG-TERM clients of theirs. I personally know of none associated with the Lexington, SC branch of First Reliance Bank. While not EVERYTHING they say are lies, I do have in my possession affidavits proving lies specific to me and my dealings with them, so all I can provide is as it relates to me.

Various individuals have agreed to appear in court to substantiate all claims. The Board of Directors may have NO knowledge whatsoever of how their Lexington, SC branch is being mismanaged and people are being mistreated. There is ONLY one truth, and that is in GOD's hands to handle in any manner He sees fit. AND the TRUTH WILL come out!

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