Kindness Animal Hospital - Nearly Killed my Cat; Left him Brain Damaged

Medical Boarding - Complaint
Review by stefani.olsen on 2013-05-06
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SILVER SPRING, MARYLAND -- My cat, who had diabetes, had been a patient there for about 6-8 weeks when I arranged for a brief medical board of less than 48 hours. I mistakenly thought this was a quality place since they were AAHA accredited.

My cat was left in the care of the veterinarians son, who was not a licensed veterinary technician and who used the wrong syringe to give my cat insulin, resulting in an overdose of 10 times the amount he was supposed to receive. Based on records and their subsequent statements, it appears he was then left without any treatment for this overdose for 24 hours. When the vet was finally called in to treat him, he was comatose and seizuing, with a temperature that did not even register on a thermometer. They transferred him to another hospital without even calling me, and left a note saying if my cat died, they would simply send an employee to come and pick up his dead body.

When I arrived to get my cat, the vet -- who was the head vet and owner -- tried to get me to believe that my cat had a brain tumor or seizure disorder. Later they admitted what had happened although he did not disclose the fact that it was his totally unqualified son left with the patients who had OD'd my cat. It looked like they were going to do the right thing for a while and at least pay for my cats subsequent care, but after the initial hospitalization of 1 month in ICU (which they did pay for), when the vet figured out I was going to report him to the vet board, he wrote a letter saying that the overdose had never occurred. This overdose given to my cat was WELL DOCUMENTED by ICU vets and subsequent treating veterinarians as the cause of my cats devastating brain damage, which cost me conservatively $16,000 over the remainder of his life.

It is evident that Kindness Animal Hospital is negligent. They did not have one single solitary licensed veterinary technician on staff at the time this occurred. They received a letter of warning from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) over this incident and the vet was fined for failure to supervise staff. I have proof of these things if challenged. Perhaps more disturbingly, I believe that this veterinarian is and was dishonest and unethical in his dealings with me over this incident.

It was an absolutely heartbreaking and traumatizing experience. While his partner subsequently took over the practice, he nonetheless was co owner when these events occurred and therefore I believe shares responsibility for careless and negligent practices that led to the overdose of my cat.

Under no circumstances should anyone who loves their pets trust these people.

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