Credit Card - Retaining information and not keeping their word after a plan of payment was agreed.

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Review by mirnaaguilar677 on 2013-05-10
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ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- My only bank account, where I get my paychecks and make all my payments has been blocked by a bank stating I owe money from a credit card since 2001. I never received any letter regarding the matter, I came to know about this when my account was already blocked. They failed to inform me the amount I owe or any other information regarding this account. They left a number to which I called and talked to a representative who said she was handling the case I specifically told her that I was willing to make a payment plan and she agreed that I pay $2100 in 4 months My account has been debited for almost $5000 and still blocked. I called and someone told me she was too busy and that my acct. will remain block till they consider it necessary. I would appreciate someone to explain what to do at this point, I need my acct. unblock in order for my wife, who is diabetic, get her medications, and I need to make payments.

Also need to know how I owed $700 in a credit card, accept to pay $2100 for legal expenses and ended up with a debit to my acct. for $5000.
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-05-11:
sounds like some of the fdcpa laws have been violated. you will want to contact a lawyer that specializes in fdcpa law.

has the collection company provided proof of debit to you? after 12 years, does not sound legal they blocked your account.
Posted by msnye on 2013-05-11:
The only way a bank can LEGALLY block/freeze an account is with a court order. Therefore, some court ruling has been made without your knowledge. I.E, ruling in default because you didn't show for the hearing. Get a lawyer and find out where/when this court action took place.
Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2013-05-11:
You probably need a lawyer. A bank cannot block an account at another bank, but they could put a lien on your funds for what you owe. Since it seems that more was already taken, you should talk to your own bank about what happened, then possibly also to a lawyer.

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