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Review by katriamorris on 2013-06-06
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SAVANNAH, GA -- Can you Say Horrible Customer Service....The people in this office are horrible, Only a handful of the Taxi Drivers ever on time and nice. I called Yellow Cab of Savannah Ga around 5 pm a couple of days ago and instead of them telling me there would be a 45 minute wait, I had to be the one to call them back and ask them if they were still coming.

Another incident was when I was living in E. Savannah and I asked the cab driver how come it take them so long to come and he replied that's because there company is located on the other side of town, sometimes the drivers refuse service or ignore the calls because they don't want to drive the distance. To me it doesn't sound like they need to money to pay that $400 a week cab rental fee. lol...... The Black women cab drivers are horrible and they always have an attitude when they come and pick you up. I called a cab for my hubby and when the cab driver arrived, she had an attitude with him, talking to him as if she don't need her job only because I didn't know they don't take 2 party calls. I mean when you call, shouldn't there be a recording saying that they do not accept 2nd party calls before they pick up the phone. I was hung up on twice when I called and asked to speak to the owner, the lady with the deep voice hung up on me twice because she refused to give me her bosses information but little do she know her little $7.00 hr job is about to be a little bit uncomfortable because I'm writing a letter to the local news papers and the local news station, radio stations etc until I get some sort of justice for this unnecessary disrespect. it is not my fault your boss charges $400 a week to rent cabs and they only pay you $7.00 an hr to dispatch calls. You chose the job so don't get mad when you have to do it. If you don't like your job then you need to quit because the negative energy of this company makes a lot of people not want to use this cab service. Mind you I spend a lot of money with this company and I have the credit card receipts to show for it and speaking of credit card receipts and how come the credit card machines are always down so they say. Why do I have to ask them if the machine is working? Aren't you supposed to tell me that so I can go to an ATM to get some cash out, that's if they are not trying to pocket the cash without notifying the company about how much they made. I was late to a meeting not once but twice. My advice to you, ride in a cab that's not yellow :) or if you have a personal cab driver you deal with with the yellow cab company make sure you stick with him/her. Not all the drivers are bad, like I said before it's just a handful of drivers that I can personally say that are good drivers and respectful. And to the people in the office, don't work a job that don't pay you what you deserve because people with low paying jobs always have pissy attitudes but don't get mad with the customer get mad at your cheap employer.
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Posted by JAKFK on 2013-06-06:
Perhaps cynicism comes with age, but anymore I have to ask myself, "What is my money really buying?" The driver's personality and the cab ride, or just the cab ride itself? How much is my dollar entitled to? I often think this as well when ordering at a restaurant. Is my money buying the food that I ordered, or everything else that goes along with it?

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