Dollar General - On Medical Leave and Need It Extended for 3 Wks

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Review by nightlight1977 on 2013-06-07
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UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA -- I have been on medical leave for 6 wks. My doctor told me I need 3 more weeks. My district manager told me the only way she can accommodate me was if I would take my 2 wks vacation now or I loose my job. I had already put in for my vacation for the end of July and she told me I'm not allowed to have it. I even told her that they could fill my postion at my store and I said I would go to the new store opening. It doesn't open till July.

I'm getting a lawyer because my physical therapist said I can't even walk without being in a aircast my foot won't bend yet. Dollar General sucks!
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Posted by Tezrien on 2013-06-07:
Family Medical Leave Act. Use it. Use it NOW..
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-06-07:
Unless your injury happened at work, then a lawyer isn't going to do you any good. I broke my foot/ankle a couple of years back, and my employer was gracious enough to accommodate me at work. They didn't have to, but they did. Dollar General may seem insensitive, but remember that they are a business. Nothing more...nothing less.
Posted by jeff on 2013-06-07:
Welcome to retail america where stores just plainly dont give a $% and * about their employees.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-06-07:
You are getting a lawyer? What basis do you believe you have to make a claim against DG?

6 weeks is a long time. Obvously there has to be a limit beyond which they can't continue to make up for an absent employee. Seems to me that allowing you to take you vacation now, continue to not be at work and not lose your job may be all they can offer.
Posted by Susan on 2013-06-07:
Pennsylvania is an employment-at-will state and is under no obligation to grant your requests. Seems like you may be a little unreasonable wanting both an extension on your medical leave in addition to your planned vacation.
Posted by Chaparrita on 2013-06-07:
Most businesses that offer medical leave limit the amount of time an employee can take for the leave. I don't think a lawyer will do you any good.
Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-06-07:
You obviously have no idea what a business must do to stay in business. They can only accommodate employees so far. They tried to help you but enough is enough. Find another job. Did you ever think about what they did to cover for you while you have been off? You have to constitutional right to a job.

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