Survivors Moving Informative - Moving company damages goods, won't cooperate, and still hasn't delivered property

Review by Andrew1 on 2006-03-01
My daughter Anne phoned me in tears last week because her moving company, Survivors Moving & Storage, had just hung up on her, again. They took her possessions in San Francisco four and a half weeks ago. She is sleeping on the floor of her new house in Portland, but Survivors will tell her only that the van tipped over and damaged her goods, which are now in their warehouse in San Jose. She asks Survivors where the accident occurred. The co-owner of Survivors, just back from the scene of the accident, says Sacramento and guesses that the driver fell asleep (“what else happens at 5 a.m. when there is no traffic?” he offers) and they'll get back to her. They don't. She phones, asks questions, is now told that the accident happened in Red Bluff, 130 miles west of Sacramento. Anne tries the Red Bluff highway patrol, who can't find any such accident report and ask if she knows the driver's name?

Batted like a shuttlecock now, Anne re-calls Survivors. No, they don't have a driver's name. The man with the Survivors contract on moving day works for a different moving company they use when their own trucks are unavailable. The company's name? They don't have it handy. Further phone calls to beg the name. What does the princess want them to do, Survivors jeers at her, drive up to Portland themselves, buy her a mattress, and tuck her in? At some point they are able to discover the company is AAA Relocation Services in Los Angeles. Anne checks Google; no such company found. No directory assistance listing for Los Angeles. Whack, the racket sends her flying back across the net to Survivors.

Survivors finds it does have a phone number for AAA. Whack. Anne phones; it is a private cell number. Her call is never returned. Whack. Whack. When will she see her goods? Survivors asserts that the accident voided her contract, whack, they no longer have an obligation to deliver her goods by any set time, and she must await the insurance company's release of her goods. The insurer's name? she asks, or phone number? Survivors whack doesn't whacking know. Anne is to wait a week for her claim number by phone call or mail. The week comes. And goes.

Anne now phones me for help. Richard picks up my call at Survivors. "Hello," I begin in my best business tone. "I'm Andrew K-, Anne's father." Silence. "Anne K--, one of your customers." Pause, then with nonchalence: "I don't know an Anne K-." My professional tone starts its irreversible slide into outraged father's tone at this lie: "Anne K--. You know her. You have her damaged things in your warehouse. You hung up on her this morning." The conversation degrades quickly into his declaration that he can no longer talk to me without my daughter's written permission. A day later Anne phones Survivors again and this time Richard manages to find the insurer's name and number, but has some pressing errand, will email it. A day later, she phones again. "S---, I'll send it today." The e-mail never arrives. We finally discovered the insurance company's name through a web site on scams, which has some discussion of both Survivors and the company they used for this haul, AAA Relocation Services.

Meanwhile, per Richard at Survivors the accident has drifted again, this time 31 miles north to Redding.

We have asked repeatedly for an accident report. It has not been provided. The insurance company has not seen an accident report.

Survivors is a 7-minute drive from AAA Relocation Services.
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Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-01:
Looks like she has no choice but to haul them to court.. at least start by writing a letter and certify it to them. Then getting an attorney to threaten them.. then file the claim. It should be obvious now that phone calls are getting her nowhere. However, I would not stop them. Just go the legal route at the same time.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-01:
On the subject of moving companies. We have used 1 during the years and it was a bad experience. Then we saw a 20/20 special about the horrors of these companies and recognized most of the issues. In further research, I could not find any company that did not have major horror stories, except for the REALLY expensive ones. So now, we move ourselves and hire a couple of local guys to load the truck and other local guys to help us unload at destination. Saves us a crap load of money and hazzle. More important, we know exactly what our costs will be and our processions are rarely away from sight.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-03-01:
I doubt there was an accident. Report the goods stolen to the police and then lawyer up.
Posted by D. on 2006-03-03:
Don't be surprised if her belongings end up on Ebay...it may be worth the search.
Posted by jfholman23 on 2006-10-03:
I used "Survivors Moving Company" this last weekend and had the worste experience. They offered a really low quote, then doubled once everything was loaded and we were at the new location. There were three guys (only one of which worked). The "supervisor/owner" sat in his car and smoked a cigarette. I did, however, question him on this. My girflriend and I ended up unloading the truck ourselves! It took 6 hrs to move a 1-bedroom studio apartment. They didn't even set up the bed (as was in the contract), nor did they get the couch in the house (it was left in the garage!) When we called to complain, the owner/supervisor yelled at my girlfriend and told her he would enjoy it if she reported him to the Better Business Bureau (which we are).
Posted by truth01 on 2007-05-08:
We too went with Survivors Movers which really was the worst experience I ever had! I have moved from numerous states and cities and no company was as bad as this one. We set up a moving time of 8a on a Saturday morning. They called me at 5p Friday night and said their truck was "broke down in LA" and wouldn't be able to make it by 8a, so we rescheduled for 1p. 1:30 rolled around and no truck. I called and was told the truck was on it's way, but running behind and wouldn't get there until 5p. 5p rolled around and no truck. I called and was again told the truck is on it's way, but stuck in traffic and would get there by 7p. Guess what...7:30 rolled around and no flippin' truck! I had to call back and again was told the truck is on it's way and could be at my house at 9p. I said 9p is too late to move into a new neighborhood and wanted to move Sunday morning. Richard said that they couldn't move us until Sunday afternoon. I said I didn't understand and because they made us so behind, they needed to accomodate me. Then they had the nerve to say that another person offered them an additional $500 to move them Sunday morning instead of me! When they finally showed up at 1p Sunday, the cost began to double due to bubble wrap and tape! I argued with the foreman for a discount and all I got was a whole 5%! This was the worse company I have ever experienced....by far! I am with everyone else...you are just better moving yourself! It's hard work, but at least you know what you will pay!!
Posted by arm_jan on 2007-11-05:
Same has happened to me. Low initial quote, more than double quote after the on site estimate + ridiculos fee for packaging materials. They said that I would get charged if I cancel, and left me no other option. I thought this guys would be out of business by now. HORRIBLE!!!

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