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Review by 14600 on 2006-03-01
QUAHOG, RHODE ISLAND -- A little background. I’m a very fortunate person who is lucky enough to live in a state that codified the common law doctrine of necessaries. My x-wife was a prolific doctor shopper who was able to sustain an opiate addiction for years via doctor prescribed pain medication... X-Wife recently filed bankruptcy which included a nice assortment of unpaid medical bills which marked the start of “Open season on Stewie”.

The following paraphrased conversation is real only the names have been changed to protect the silly.

Quagmire calls from CCI telling me I owe 600 hundred dollars in unpaid medical bills which need to be paid RIGHT NOW. I said, “I haven’t been to the doctor in a long time, who was the patient”. He says, “You were”. I asked are you sure about that? Then he say’s no I’m mistaken the patient is your wife Lois now how do you plan on paying this cash or credit card.

Hold on Quagmire, this is the first I’ve heard of this, can you provide me with some details? Quagmire responds, “Sir we have sent you two letters”. Sorry Quagmire but I haven’t received any letters from your company, who were they addressed to?... We verified the address and name and what not but I maintain I never received any correspondence from your company.

. Okay Quagmire, just send me out a bill with the particulars and I’ll review this matter and get back with you. Quagmire was a bit incensed, “Sir, FEDERAL LAW prohibits me from sending you any more correspondence”.. Really?... Wow… we don’t want the feds involved do we.. So how about you just provide me with the service providers contact information and the dates the services were rendered?... Quagmire’s getting even more indignant and tells me, “The federal HIPAA laws prevents him from disclosing this information and I’m getting tired of playing these games with you”. No, no, no… Quagmire… I’m not trying to play games.. You are claiming that I owe you money and I’m simply trying to figure out the basis of your claim, I think that’s reasonable don’t you”… Quagmire is beside himself now.. “SIR, It’s not up to me to prove you owe the money, it’s up to you to prove you don’t”… I quipped, “It’s that federal law thing again , right Quagmire?.. “SIR, I don’t have time to play these games are you going to pay what you owe or am I going to have to elevate this matter”… I responded, “To the Feds?”. “Sir this is no laughing matter, this is serious.. I could destroy your credit.”.. Oh yeah.. I have a FICO score of 313, unless you can somehow link me to the ENRON scandal I doubt it”…. Okay Quagmire… Just give me the mailing address of your company and an account number or reference number and I’ll send you a nice little letter… No, Quagmire.. I need the physical address not a PO Box… I can’t send registered letters or serve court documents to a PO Box… Quagmire tells me he can’t disclosed their address either and I can only assumed it was the feds again.. Quagmire, the feds really make it tough for you to your job don’t they…Quagmire grunted back, “No SIR, It’s people like you who won’t pay their bills that make’s it tough’.. I replied, “I don’t want to get into a logic war with you but would I be wrong in my assumption that if it weren’t for people like me who won’t pay their bills then people like you wouldn’t have a job collecting from people like me?... Quagmire yelled I’m done with this call and said I would regret this and hung up the phone…or did he.. Maybe the feds stepped in and terminated the call..hmmm….

I would shave 50 points off my FICO score if I could have recorded Quagmire.. CLASSIC!
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Posted by crewboy on 2006-03-01:
Okay, I this sounds a bit crazy and it's hard to believe that a bill collector was telling you these things like you put it. But I'm going to assume for the sake of my response to you that the situation went down like you said.

First off, I have never heard of any federal law that says you cannot be given written proof of the validity of a debt that someone is trying to collect from you. And it is certainly not your responsibility to prove that a debt is valid, although it is your responsibility to notify the collection agency in writing if you dispute the validity of any debt they are attempting to collect from you. And yes, you can send certified mail to a PO box, so go right ahead and let them know you dispute the bill/need additional information, or whatever.

They are required by law to provide you with the name and address of the original creditor if you tell them to, and they cannot threaten to take any specific action against you unless it is both legal to do so and they actually intend to do so. My advice to you is to keep a record of the date/time you are called and to whom you spoke, as well as a summary of what was said. Also keep any correspondence you may get in the mail. If they are in violation of any part of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you may have a case against them if they take any legal action against you. I personally know someone who ended up having a large bill cancelled by a court because the bill collector didn't follow the law.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-01:
I have every intention of paying the bill; I just want the bill if for nothing else to indemnify myself from future claims. I could easily get out of paying it but for only 600 dollars it's not really worth the effort and they do have a prima-facie case.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2006-03-02:
LOL! They get so frustrated when your responses aren't on their little script in front of them. They don't know what to do. Make sure to document everything for future reference. Too many violations to really list.
Posted by voiceoff on 2007-04-12:
If your wife was the pt. and filed bankruptsy, can they still come after you, the husband? Had a good laugh on this. They are worse than ambulance chasers. They look up your debts in court filings and have a reason to stick their nose in your business.

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