Movie Gallery Complaint - Lost DVD

Review by lobo65 on 2006-03-04
OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI -- Hi. I'm hoping I can get some advice on how to handle a problem with Movie Gallery. I hardly ever rent from their local store because I changed to Netflix several years ago.

I am in the Katrina affected area (MS gulf coast), and mail service was spotty for awhile as a result, which affected Netflix shipments.

As a result I recently went in to rent from the store here and was told I had rented so much in the past that I qualified for a free rental. I returned the DVD one day earlier than it was due, and now (about three weeks later) I get a postcard in the mail from their main office telling me that I hadn't returned it after all--that I was being charged for the cost of the movie, and for accrued late charges.

I am absolutely sure I returned the movie, and I've looked around my house meticulously just in case I was wrong. I didn't find it, and am 100% positive that I returned it. I think their workers have missplaced it somewhere.

What can I do if they try to make me pay for it? Even though I know I am right, they will probably send it to a collection agency if I don't pay.

I don't want my pristine credit record marred, but I also don't think I have should have to pay for something I returned.
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Posted by lobo65 on 2006-03-06:
Thanks JD. I called them back, and this time spoke to one of the supervisors like I should have done in the first place I guess. He found the DVD, and apologized for the mixup. Hopefully that won't happen again, but it's made it unlikely that I'll rent from them again.
Posted by Pharma_Rep on 2006-03-13:
One other alternative, had it not been resolved amicably, would have been to pay the fee with your credit card and dispute the charges. Remember, the dispute must be placed within sixty (60) days.

That is a more risky proposition, of course, because a dispute is like throwing a dart - you win some and lose some!

Best Wishes

Posted by Idi on 2006-08-09:
Sign the CC slip then say "I did not agree to that charge". That'll work. MG does not give receipts for returned items. Also NO rental store is 100% perfect with returned rentals. On average a store can see hundreds of returns in a day and one or two did not get checked in. Some times they can slip past the worker checking them in. Did you put them in the drop box? Was it a Friday or Saturday night when they are slammed? Ask them what a FOS list is all about some time.

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