One Way to Move Complaint - Movers should be in Jail

Review by Jack Miller on 2006-03-05
Facts of the Move

The Movers were: One Way to Move, Brooklyn, NY

· We negotiated for One Way to Move to load our belonging on their truck from our residence in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and drive the truck immediately after loading to Boca Raton Florida for a flat fee of $5,800. Payment terms: We would pay them $2,750 the day of the move and the rest in Florida when they delivered our belongings
· We were told prior to us sending in the deposit and then again prior to the move that they would come the morning of Wednesday, June 29, 2005 pack up the truck, go back to New York to change drivers that night and be in Florida with all of our things 24 hours later
· They told us they have local drivers and long distance drivers
· They agreed to pick up our items from 2 different homes in PA, and they were to deliver it to a home and storage unit in Florida
· They initially told us a 24 foot truck would hold all our belongings, but I said I wanted to be 100% sure that there will enough room for all our belonging, so they suggest a 26 foot truck for more money which I agreed to.
· We questioned them several times to make sure everything would fit on the truck and they assured us it would. Two or three days before the move I spoke to Sam, their sales representative at the company, and he said the truck was enormous and there would be plenty of room and that he would handle everything.
· A Few days prior to the move I asked Sam to send me copies of all of the contracts and or agreements and he told me the only thing there was, was the e-mail, which laid everything out. When the movers arrived there were other agreements and lists, which they said had to be signed blank prior to them starting work. They said the boss said so this had to be done. I questioned this then but I signed the documents. I had no choice, when I questioned this they said they would leave. I did not have time to read the documents, as well, they insisted that I sign more documents when they showed up with the first truck in Florida blank and they said the same thing. There comment was the boss says it has to be done this way.
· When the truck showed up I spoke to David, who represented himself to be one of the owners of the company and he said if necessary they would send down another truck, and told me it would not be a problem. I questioned any additional costs and he said they were not looking to get rich on us and if we agreed on a flat fee that’s what it would be.
· During the Day we tried to call Sam numerous times and he was never answered and did not return the calls.
· Also during the day when it was clear that we would need another truck we called repeatedly to see what’s doing on and no one ever called us back. When we got Jimmy on the phone, he always said that he tried to call us and could not get through or was just about to call me.
· The mover were scheduled to arrive and start loading the truck between 8 AM and 9AM on Wednesday June 29, 2005. When they did not show up, I repeatedly called them and they keep saying how much traffic there was and would be there in an hour or so. They showed up at 12:30 PM, they finished at the first house at 10:00 PM.
· The second Truck showed up at the second house at 12:30 AM. June 30, 2005
· They finished working at 5:30 AM. We were extremely embarrassed that we were moving in the middle of the night making all kinds of noises, like we were being run out of town.
· Not everything fit into the second truck and a lot of my belonging had to be left behind (including TVs, Bedroom sets, outside furnisher barbecues, a piano and other items.
· Some of the movers were noticeably very inexperienced and moved very slow. They brought no tools to disassemble my furniture, and I had to lend them what I had. The trucks that they brought had no ramps or easy ways to safely load on heavy and often fragile items. They also informed me at 1:00AM of June 30, 2005 that they would not take my upright piano, because they did not have the right things to put it on the truck. (This issue was discussed before hand with with Sam, who assured us that there would be no problem loading it into the truck..
· At 5:30 AM on June 30, 2005 they informed me that it would not be $5,800.00 like we agreed on but that they want $10,800.00. I gave them a bank check for $2,750.00 which was what we originally agreed on and at the time of the morning all the money we had. We had also previously given them $150.00 as a deposit by credit card. They took my $2750.00 check.
· Me and family had a 7:30 AM flight to Florida the morning of June 30, 2005 so we had to leave and go directly to the airport. The next day, July 1, 2005 in Florida we started to call them at about 12:00 PM to get a status on where the trucks were and when they would arrive in Florida. They would not tell us anything until about 3:00 PM when they told us that they had not even left New York yet and would not leave until we pay they more money. They said that we did not pay half of the 10,800 that night and we needed to pay it by postal money order before anything happened. They finally agreed to let us wire the funds, which we did promptly. The funds were in their account in about an hour. They finally agreed to send my trucks which were suppose to leave late Saturday evening and would call us once on the road to let us know when they would be there.
· On July 4, they finally showed up with only one truck of my things and one helper around 12:30. We were told that our items had been moved into this truck, which was not the originally truck and the items were all mixed up with other people’s belongings. (We had originally put the items that were going into storage in the back of the truck and the items going into the house in the front of the truck for easy unloading)
· Once again they brought no tools or knives to cut off the boxes or tape to put my furniture back together.
· We asked repeatedly where the second truck was and Jimmy, who is an experienced employee of the company) said it would be here any minute, that he lost them in North Carolina. I asked who the other driver was and he claimed he did not know. I asked if he had the other drivers cell number and he claimed he did not.
· Jimmy asked for all of the money before he started to unload the one truck, and I said I would give him half and he called David and finally David agreed. (He forgot to take the money until the end of the evening at which time I gave it to him
· At the end of the day he finally said the second truck had broken down on I-95 about 8 hours away and they were not sure what time it would be fixed the next day. When I pressed them on it, they said it may take days to fix it and they would send the truck all the way back to New York, put my stuff in storage and reschedule the move.
· They would never let us talk to the driver of the second truck or tell me anything about who it was or how many people on it etc.. (In other words, I assume that the second truck never really never left New York to begin with)
· Meanwhile a lot of items that came off of the first truck were broken.
· Since we did not plan to physically move to Florida until the end of the summer, we had to fly back and forth from Philadelphia to Florida in anticipation of the arrival of the second truck. This caused us to expend additional money for flights and other travel costs and take extra time off from work as well make arrangements for someone to take care of my 3 children and dog.
· While back in PA we spoke to the company and they agreed to send the second truck down to Florida. It was supposed to leave New York again on Saturday night (July 9)and arrive in Florida sometime on Monday (July 11). We called them on Sunday evening before we boarded the plane in PA to make sure the truck had left and they said yes, they would be there on Monday.
· When Monday came we made calls to them all day trying to find out where the truck was. It wasn’t until about 3:00 PM that I got a call from the driver of the truck who told me that he had other stops to make before me and he would not be by me until sometime on Wednesday (July13).
· At this moment we had had it and went to the police station. The police in Florida called them and they told them they would be there on Wednesday. The police told us we had to wait until then. In the meantime we filed a claim against them in Florida, in PA and in New York.
· We now had to reschedule flights to stay longer, miss more work and appointments and find places for my children who were at home in PA to stay.
· When Wednesday came, what was suppose to be a morning delivery ended up being hour by hour waiting and waiting. They did not show up until about 5:30 PM . They had an 18 wheel truck which they said that they couldn’t bring all the way to my front door since the street was small and that I would have to pay more money for them to hand truck it down the street (about a half a block).
· We did not want to agree to pay any more money so we had them bring it all to the storage center. We now had to rent more storage units to hold all the items that were suppose to deliver to my house.
· They then said they would not open the truck or take anything off of it until we paid them all the money upfront. We said we would pay half now and the other half when finished. They did not agree. We then called the police. After about an hour waiting and the police coming, they finally agreed to take half now and half later in cash.
· As they moved my stuff off the truck they were very mean and nasty, and at times made comments on how they wanted to just take my stuff and leave with my belongings. I was terrified that they were just going to leave and I just wanted my belonging in my hands and off that truck.
· Once again I watched as a lot of my stuff came off the truck broken, crushed and in pieces. And that is what happened to the stuff that showed up. Others things were just missing.
· One item that they unloaded was a ladder. I told them that it was not mind and they told me to just keep it. I told them I don’t want it, it does not belong to me, somebody else is missing it. ( I am sure other people have some of my items)
· Once they were done we paid them in full, signed the papers, and they left.

In closing we were treated horrible, not only did they double the price on us they repeatedly lied to us and treated us like dirt.

We are seeking our money back, reimbursement for additional travel, time off from work as well as the damage to our property and missing property.

We would also like to press criminal charges against them

Jack Miller
1265 Industrial Blvd
Southampton, Pa. 18966
Comments:4 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-03-07
Posted by S on 2006-03-05:
Thanks for the heads up. We are in the market for some movers. We'll be sure to cross them off our list.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-03-06:
You made a BIG mistake signing blank documents before anything was done. Now they can put anything on it to cover there butts. I will never sign anything blank. I know that it was last minute but you may have saved yourself more money if you would have just gotten your own moving trucks and done this yourself.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-07:
What you experienced is very common for nearly all but the very expensive moving companies. There was a great 20/20 special on this subject last year. What happens is they agree to cheap prices and wonderful service right up until the move date and then everything changes. Prices go up, service is bad, items are broken and eventually, they refuse to deliver until paid in full. The police can rarely do anything because it is a civil dispute. In many cases, you pay, or they drive away and there is little you can do about it without full blown legal action.
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-07:
We had something simular happen to us once, ever since then we have moved ourselves. We pack up everything ourselves, have it all by the door and ready to go except for an airbed and microwave. Rent a truck from someone like Ryder. High 2 local guys for 2-3 hours at approx 20/hr. They load the truck. Me in the truck packing, my wife in the house directing. We then drive the truck and at destination, we hire a couple of local guys to unload. It saves us thousands of dollars.

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