virginia tile company Complaint - reimbursement for wrong product

Review by harpm on 2001-12-02
24404 INDOPLEX, FARMINGTON HILLS, MICHIGAN -- mr stevenson, since you have not returned my phone calls you have left me no alternative than to contact you in this way. i am extremely disapointed that i wasted a great deal of time and effort selecting tile only to have the wrong color installed in two bathrooms. We waited over two weeks to hear your proposal to remedy this situation. since i am paying mortgages, utilities, etc. in two places we were forced to complete the bathroom so the remodeling job could continue.

i feel you should compensate me for selling me tile labeled one thing that was not that tile and also selling field tile without having or being able to get matching edge or bullnose tile.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by rza on 2010-02-14:
Bullnose tile is always dubbed "coordinating" that is due to the manufacturer unable to switch lines and cut up each run of tile to bevel the edge. it is never made of the same dye lot as the original tile and can add double to triple the expense to the job. There are a lot of alternatives like wood moldings too! Each piece of bullnose is equal in lineal foot to that of a s.f. of field tile. For this reason bullnose is not usually covered by the distributor, rather something the installer/contractor goes over with the customer PRIOR to selecting material. It's as if you but an appliance then blame the manufacturer it does not have an ice maker(you should have done your research first). If tile is something you desire you have to way your options as in its a pretty permanent fixture in your home, where were you during the install? Sounds like you got a lot done and you did not notice for a moment there was issue till it was all installed? If i don't think a paint i just bought is the color i picked i don't wait till i use the whole lot of it to then complain? Installation for the most part is acceptance. Any good installer can create a bullnose for you simply cutting a field tile say 12 x 12 size into 3 pc 3 x 12 (typical bullnose) and bevel the edge. That's cheaper and way more logical. Remember most wholesale industries provide a service for their contractors to allow the public to come in and make use of designs and knowledge. Did you buy the tile direct? or did your installer? its common for installers to switch to lower grade tiles without customer knowledge. You needed your contractor to work things out with the supplier because he is their customer directly and you through him. It would be like me trying to find out information on your credit card, i am not the authorized cardholder so i am sol. Did your contractor contact them for you because he most likely made the purchase directly. For sake of time and babble i will not continue to point holes in this post. As a knowledgeable installer who has had nothing but appreciation for Virginia Tile i do know first hand. Unlike those on the block Beaver, Genessee, and Dal.... my customers always return to Virginia.

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