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Alarm System - Complaint
Review by magicjavi3 on 2013-06-30
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When I originally called Protect Your Home to get information on their services and equipment, I was interested in the Pulse system with touch screen. I was told that I will be getting that on the day of the installation. Was also told that it will be $49.99 a month for the monitoring, $99.00 for the installation ($105.93 including tax), and $149 for the Pulse upgrade. Those were all the total costs and all that I will have to pay for the system and monthly monitoring.

On June 28, 2013 a Protect Your Home installer came to have my equipment installed and service activated. When I asked what happened to the Pulse touch screen system that I was told I was getting I was told by the installer that I was getting the Pulse but not the touch screen because that system was not available, that was not even out in the market yet. I told him that was a lie since on ADT television commercials and on their web site is advertised and to be available. I also asked him about the air conditioner thermostat to control with the Pulse system, the lights controls/module, and other things that you can add later on and use for the Pulse system. Was told none of that was available since was not out yet. Clearly another lie there since ADT TV commercials and web site shows them all to be available.

Since the house I recently moved in to had an old alarm system, there were sensors on the doors and windows except on 2 windows which are the ones in the master bathroom. Being that the case I only have to pay for 2 sensors. There are a total of 11 sensors (including doors and windows).

The installer not only installed the 2 sensors I was missing on the 2 windows but ended up replacing all the other sensors I had here since said they were not compatible with this new system even though this sensors were wireless as well. The cost for the 2 sensors were $129 each. ($258.00 total for both)

Ended up with all new 11 sensors, 1 wired key pad in the living room, 1 wireless key pad in the master bedroom, and 1 wireless motion sensor.

To my surprise when everything was added in Protect Your Home order/installation form it came out to a total of $435.49 including tax.

This obviously was NOT what I was told over the phone what it will cost me.

After the installer left, since the whole thing from you did not looked right, I called ADT directly to investigate this. To my surprise I found out that, yes the Pulse touch screen service is available but you are NOT authorized to sell the touch screen model, the prices for the sensors are only $80 each, the monthly monitoring is the same price since is done by ADT. To top it all they told me that directly through them the Pulse touch screen will be $99 installed. Wow !

This clearly shows that Protect Your Home is overpricing for the alarm system and items/accessories.
I can say this for sure because I also asked ADT about their prices for the motion detectors, thermostats, and some other things.

To prove this here is a list of the comparison of your prices to ADT.
The first price is yours, the second one is ADT's.

- Wireless Door/Window Sensor $129.00 $80.00
- Motion Detector $229.00 $170.00
- Wireless Glass Break Detector $229.00 $155.00
- Wireless Smoke Detector $229.00 $104.00
- Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector $229.00 $104.00

After finding all this information I immediately called your customer service phone number to find out how to cancel this as the NOTICE OF CANCELATION that I was given by your installer states that I have 3 business days for the date of the installation to cancel. I was told that I needed to sign and fax the notice of cancellation. I asked how long this will take and I was told it can take up to 1 week. After faxing the notice I called ADT directly and told them about everything that has happened of my dealings with Protect Your Home. They told me to fax them directly the notice of cancellation, which I did.

Was also told that they will be contacting Protect Your Home directly to make arrangements to come to my house and pick up the equipment.

This is where things gets even WORST. Keep on reading !
On June 27, 2013 as scheduled, an installer from Protect Your Home shows up to pick up the equipment. I told him that he can take everything and when it came to the sensors on the doors and windows can only take the 2 that I had to paid for which are the ones on the two windows in the master bath room. He told me that he can not do that and had to take all the sensors since they were installed by Protect Your Home.

I told him that it was not my doing that the technician had to replace them all and that technically only 2 were installed. I needed the rest because when I call another company to get an alarm system when they give you the quotes they ask if an existing alarm system is already in the house, which is in my case, this way they don't charge you for what you have already and only pay for what you need like was in this case.

He then told me that I could just showed them the old sensors and rest of the alarm system even though was no longer was installed and that way I won't get charge for such sensors. I told him that was not possible because the technician that installed the system took the old system with him, including sensors and threw them in the garbage. This is more reason to only able to take the 2 sensors.

He called his boss on the phone and explained the situation. He was told that because he could not take everything they can not take back the system.

He also told me that since Protect Your Home is REFUSING to take back the system, that I will be charged in full for the total cost of the system.
This explains how you can afford to advertise so much.
All the advertisement in the mail, the one you get when you put a change of address with the postal service, and many other advertisement that see all the time all over again.

Because of my very bad experience with Protect Your Home and in my opinion, I tell everyone to STAY AWAY FROM PROTECT YOUR HOME - an authorized ADT dealer. Do NOT do business with them !

I will be posting on EVERY Internet web site, forum, blog, and any other possible sources that I can, my full experience in detail that I had with you and based on my opinion to let people know NOT to do business with PROTECT YOUR HOME.

If you happen to be reading this, it proves that I am doing such postings to spread the word around :)
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Posted by azRider on 2013-06-30:
I understand the old sensors not working with a new system, that makes sense to me since it could be an older freq that is not used anymore. but I have to wonder, when you were told the system you wanted was not available why did you let them install something else? you could have called ADT right then to ask and turn the tech away. seems to me you accepted what was done so you have to pay. sort of like going to a restaurant and ordering a steak, eating the entire steak, then saying you did not like it and won't pay for it.

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