Pat and Mike's Irish Pub Complaint - Charged my debit card "3" times

Review by WhatWillHappenNext on 2006-03-10
LITTLE RIVER, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Went to Pat and Mikes's Irish Pub on Saturday March 4th for a meal with my family. Meal was fine and we paid for it with our bank debit card.

Tuesday March 7th I received a call from my bank that a $51.01 charge was placed on my account "3 times". I called the resturant and spoke to someone. They told me I had to come in and prove they did this. I thought if they had their records from Saturday night they would see this error and could be handled over the phone but that would create too much work for them.

Wednesday March 8th I delivered proof of this error and their receipt from Saturday night. A lady by the name of Carol took the info and said she would take care of this that night and would call me to give a confirmation number. Well this did not happen.

Thursday March 9th I called there around 4:45pm and spoke to Carol. She got very hostile with me and said she did not work on Thursday but just got there for a meeting. I then said "well you were going to call me last night" and she said they got very busy. She then said she would take care of this and call me within the hour. Well 6:45pm rolls around and I stopped at the resturant. When she finally came out to talk to me she told me it would take 15 to 20 minutes because she was very busy and I would have to wait. She, in a very angry voice then said "I told you earlier I would take care of this". I told her I wanted my $102.02. She went to the back room and about 10 minutes later she come out with the bank statement I had given her with 2 confirmation numbers written on it.

Well guess what. It is now Friday March 10th at 5:45pm and I still do not have my money.

I have never been treated so bad for something that was not my fault. Monday I will be at the bank taking care of this matter.
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Posted by tander on 2006-03-10:
If the establishment is refunding your money back to your checking account, it can take up to 3 working days to receive your refund.
Posted by yoke on 2006-03-11:
It doesn't sound like the establisment is refunding the money, so I would be upset also. I would call the police and ask them to meet you there that they have stolen $102 from you and are refusing to give it back (by not crediting it or offering $102 in cash they are refusing). Do it while it is there busy time so all the patrons can see it. You have been patient enough. It takes 30 seconds to do a refund.
Posted by SF on 2006-03-11:
Yoke is right. I had this same thing happen to me once before but with a regular credit card. I had to call and dispute the 2nd charge. Sounds like a crooked place if you ask me. If you used a debit card and proved it to them they should have given you cash back. They are the ones that stole from you. "THEIVES"
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-11:
Call the BBB
Posted by Juile on 2006-03-12:
The police will never get involved in a dispute like this and I know that debit cards don't carry the same rights as credit cards. If it were me, I would make it public on the editorial page of the local paper where this business is located. Hit them where it hurts. You might not ever get your money back but you might stop other people from eating there.
Posted by yoke on 2006-03-12:
The police will get involved. The resturant knows who put the extra 2 debits on the account. Since it was fradulent you request the police to look into it and they will.
Posted by Juile on 2006-03-12:
Since when do police get involved in billing disputes between customers and businesses? This is civil, not criminal. I can just see calling my local police department and complaining that my debit card had been overcharged.

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