Shuttle Computer Complaint - Poor quality, poor service, poor attitudes

Review by dal166 on 2006-03-12
NY, CALIFORNIA -- I bought a Shuttle K6200 for my son who opened his gift on Christmas day 2005. The computer did not work as intended (Media Center with tv tuner) from the very beginning. It has now been almost three months of dealing with bad customer support (in California: non-responsive, and unwilling to refund my money for a bad product (they say my 14 days are up!!!!) The computer is now in their new support center in Atlanta and has been for over a month and a half. They do not have a solution to make the computer do what I paid for it to do.

I have reported this to the Better Business Bureau (like it matters to them) and I have tried patience in hoping they will do the right thing. Everytime I call, they say they will get back to me and no one does. This has been going on for way too long and now I just want my money back and never buy from them again. Does anyone out there have any advice to give me? This is the most frustrating situation and I feel totally taken advantage of in every way possible.
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Posted by miscos on 2006-05-30:

Im posting with you on this , we need somone to help .....

Yes , my dealings with Shuttle Computers is turning me into someone I do not want to be . A very unhappy angry women .

On 12/20/05 I ordered a Shuttle computer from Best Buy online .
On 12/31/05 this computer arrived .
On the day of 4/22/06 , when turned on the computer started normally, showing the start up screen . Then the screen went black , couldn't
see or do anything .(I also bought a new fancy monitor for this new machine)

This was a Saturday , no customer service - next day Sunday , no customer service .

I called my local Best Buy , they said only Shuttle can help me and it's not up to them .

Monday after many tries , finally at 11:30am my time (mnt), someone answered the phone at Shuttle . A man with a very very heavy accent so hard to understand tried to help me . He was very nice , but so hard to work with . We tried many many
things over the next hour to get this machine to do something .

We could get to the Bio's and see everything , but couldn't get it to take the prompts, that the tech was having me try .

Hating to lose all my data ,we tried the recovery disk , it wouldn't even take it . It couldn't even run the disk .

But he said as long as it's powering up , we are fine and should not be a big deal .

This tech all still very nice told me , he would have another tech call me that same day, either to help me or to give me a RMA return number .I waited all day , no call .

The next day , I call Shuttle again , I get another tech thats very hard to understand . We try the same things the first tech had me do ,still no go .
I ask about the RMA number, and the tech said I needed to file through Shuttle online to see if they would give me a number .

So I call Shuttle again and talked with Kathleen . She was much easier to understand . She insisted on proof of purchase , I was to fax all my receipts .I do not have a fax , however I do have a very good camera , so I took photos .

I emailed the photos and filed out the form .I get an email back saying ,they could only some of what I sent ... hmmmm .But was told I can indeed take
it back to Best Buy for repair or replacement .

So I go to my local Best Buy and they tried everything that the techs had me do .
They said no replacement , but would send it out for repairs. I was told it should be no longer than 3 WEEKS . After 3 weeks I was told I would have it on 5/21/06 , another week .

On 5/21/05 I called and was told it will be another 2 or 3 weeks .

Now this is sooooo very wrong . This machine is a Lemmon , I want my money back .I should never have to go through all of this . Why couldn't Shuttle just replace it right off ?

So 2 months no computer - no work for me because I make my living with that computer . I'm losing work money - I dont have the 1428.78 that I paid - I dont have the computer .....

Why can't SHUTTLE just DO THE RIGHT THING , give me my money back so I can go and buy another system .It took me 5 months to save any extra money to buy that computer . I am a self employed stay at home mom , I do not make a lot of money

This computer has seen very little use in a very SHORT time , Shuttle should admit , that this machine has problems ...

What I would like to see Shuttle do is , to keep the machine that is there at their location right now ,and give me my money back . They have had this way tooooo long . I need a computer that works .

I do hope you can see , I have done my best to deal with this . I have been on the phone for
too many hours . I have sent to many emails .

I feel that either all of my payment back OR extending the warranty , for the time
you have had the computer ....The way Im being treated/cheated is just plain wrong .
.. This should had been replaced with right away or fixed in a timely manner or refunded .

I cannot begin to tell you the distress this has caused .The lack of action on Shuttles part is a true shame .I'm sure the higher ups of the company would never let anyone in their family be treated this way .... but they have money to fight the unjust . I don't .

Please keep in mind this is a shorted version , I made many many calls and talked to many
different people . I didnt know I would need to keep so close track , I didn't know all
this could occur.

What I would like to see Shuttle do is , to keep the machine that is there at
their location right now ,and give me my money back .They have had this way tooooo long .

Tucson , Arizona
Posted by RyanRyan on 2007-06-11:
Nade Computers makes a nice-looking media center PC, my friend bought one which is why I bought a Flashbang Gaming PC from them.

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