All Wal-Mart Stores - Unhappy With Wal-Mart's Return Policies and That They Support GMO Foods

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Review by shopboppper on 2013-07-29
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FISHERS, INDIANA -- I bought an air mattress from their camping section and after trying to inflate the mattress with the pump that is built in to the mattress, low and behold, it didn't work at all. I wanted to return because I felt the merch. was of bad quality and when I went to return the item, cus. service said, "Store policy is, that you can only "exchange" for the same item". I will not be shopping at any Wal-Mart stores any more.
Also if your not aware of this, and you care about the health of your family, Wal-Mart supports GMO foods. The Gov't doesn't make them label the foods that are GMO's, so you don't know what is what! Just another reason why I will not take chances with my health or my family's health! Please if you take the time to read this review, please take the time to check out what GMO's are and how dangerous they are to the environment as well as the potential hazzards to your health!
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Posted by madconsumer on 2013-07-29:
many many stores support gmo products, not just walmart.

i would not want to purchase an air matress thart someone else had used. the return policy is for health concerns, and not just to be mean. try contacting the manufacturer and see what they offer you.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-29:
GMO = Genetically modified food.
Posted by azRider on 2013-07-29:
your listing two different things here, which have nothing to do with each other. First store policy says they can't give a refund if its not working correctly they will over you a credit to replace it or get something else. I don't see an issue with this. if you need the product and a use for it, then replace it and try another one. if you goal is to get money back after you used it and don't need it anymore then your just ripping off the company and that is why the policy is there is because of people doing that.
Next you seem to be on the soap box of GMO foods. its not walmarts job to label the products they sell that is up to the mfg or government regulations. Just like its not Target's job or Sear's job to label them. they are re-sellers. want to change the government regulations? Speak to your congressman. not everyone buys into the its science os it is bad for you claim. you need to keep your that to yourself, and keep the facts straight why wal-mart sucks and not use it as a soap box for your own purpose.
Posted by F. on 2013-07-29:
I just want to throw this out there about GMO foods. Crossbreeding and selective breeding of plants has been going on for literally thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians did it, and chances that orgainic corn or whatever you buy at the farmer's market isn't the same corn that was around 100 years ago.

I'm not sure why this such a big topic these days.
Posted by Johanna on 2013-07-29:
FoDaddy, if we could still rate a comment helpful, I'd be doing it to yours. :)

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