Bed Bugs On Island Princess Ship

Review by smart49 on 2013-07-29
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Started out as a pretty regular cruise experience.........we were traveling w/ two other couples and we are were very excited to share this trip w/ friends. We opted for an ocean side this time rather than balcony to save some $$$$ to further explore Alaska once we got to Anchorage.

Day # 2, after one day at sea, I was scratching and scratching, but could not figure out where I could have gotten bitten. We enjoyed our regular stops along the way, but each day there were always more little bites.
It was not until day six when we were having tea and sitting w/ a another couple, both of whom were doctors, when I was scratching my leg during tea, when my friend asked the couple what could be biting me. They both looked at my arm and leg and then looked at each other w/ surprise and both immediately said, "bed bugs". I was horrified, they did say that best treatment was getting rid of the bedding and changing the mattress. After tea, I used computer to research and sure enough, there were photos online that exactly matched my bites. And the next surprise was finding out that bed bugs on a Princess cruise was not anything new. There were multiple entires of those who experienced bed bugs and equally disappointing was that, Princess took NO responsibility whatsoever.
I went to the medical center that evening, but it was closed. Thinking that someone would minimally be interested in ensuring that my stateroom be thoroughly cleaned and that Princess would share some concern about the situations, I was sorely wrong. The nurse on duty the next morning was quite cavalier and said, "Oh, those are probably mosquito bites, you are in Alaska you know!". At further prompting she did say that if I wanted to see the doctor to confirm, there would be a medical visit charge and if I wanted something to abate the itching, she could sell me something. I suggested that perhaps someone would like to investigate the room, so that these bed bugs did not spread and cause the same discomfort to another passenger. She did agree and called 'executive' housekeeping to inspect the room and she would call me within the hour to let me know if any evidence was found. Well, she called ten minutes later and SURPRISE, NO EVIDENCE of bed bugs were found!
After I left the ship and spent the next 8 days in ALASKA, rivers, valley and Denali, AMAZING......NO more little bed bug bites!!!!
How disappointing to know that Princess REFUSES to own up and make the necessary changes to prevent this! How about, "we are extremely sorry you had this experience and we have done everything in our power to stop this from happening and spreading to other staterooms". After 12 Princess cruises......this may be the end
PS DO NO eat or spend a nickel in the Louisiana Steak House..........pathetic.
IF you are gluten free.....this is not the ship for you. Very little accommodations.
YES< overall we did enjoy our cruise, food in dining room was excellent, the shows above average and the stops..perfect

Denise Smart
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Posted by T on 2013-07-30:
Your solicitation to visit a website that you are evidentlty connected with, one that alleges someone is involved with a murder they have not been convicted of, is inappropriate for multiple reasons.

As for your complaint, they didn't find evidence of bed bugs in the room. Other than your bites, were you able to find evidence of them to dispute what they said?

Did you inquire prior to sailing about the availability of gluten free food?
Posted by T on 2013-07-30:
Where do the profits go when one pays to view the video at the website you listed?
Posted by CU on 2013-07-30:
What you really need to be concerned about is that you didn't bring any home with you. My (legally blind) brother picked them up, also on a cruise, and by the time anyone knew the magnitude of the problem, the family home was rendered unliveable. Every bit of furniture had to be trashed, along with carpeting and wallpaper. It was ugly.

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