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MAZDA CX-5 and 5 - Complaint
Review by davidallanhoekstra on 2013-08-01
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From: Josh [snip] [mailto:[snip]Mazda.com]
Sent: Thursday, August 01, 2013 1:17 PM
Subject: CJ Wilson Mazda

I wanted to contact you today because truth be told I'm confused why we drove 5 different vehicles over the last month and still hadn't done your research when you came in to make a purchase as you said you were going to do on the last day of the month. I want to be as clear as possible with you so we don't waste your time or ours in the future. The cars you came in on from the G37 to the Mazda CX-5 to the Mazda 6 to the Mazda 5 back to the Mazda 6 again and then back to the Mazda cx-5 are all different vehicles not only in size and options but in pricing as well. I thought you were a serious buyer since you had come back so many times but to come in and offer $22000 out the door when we are at $23,999 plus TTLF was insulting. Whether we need cars at the end of the month or not we won't be losing any money to sell anyone a car. The incentives are the same today for this month as they were for last month meaning you will get the same deal today that you would have got yesterday. I would be more then happy to earn your business but I don't want to keep jumping between cars because we aren't comparing apples to apples except for the fact they are all Mazdas. I am fine having you drive cars but not to take them to fast food places or redbox every time you come in and then not even sit down with me for numbers to make a deal. When you are ready to make a purchase and realistic we will get you a great deal but it has to work for us both. We are here to sell cars and make money so whether I sell you the car for invoice or a dollar under invoice the most important factor to all this is you deciding on a specific vehicle. It is confusing because we are jumping from a $23,999 car to a $32,000 car then offering $22,000 then jumping to a $30,000 cx-5. I would love to earn your business after all the time we have spent together but you have to be more realisitic about the pricing and first find the actual car you want to buy. Let us know where we go from here. Thanks.

Josh [snip]


Holy COW! - Is the first thing that came to mind after reading your email a second time.

I’ll clarify a couple of things to help you cool down (although it doesn’t seem that a Customer should do this for a Mazda Employee?).
• I am new to Mazda.
• I had never given the brand any thought until I saw the reviews on the CX-5.
• Since I began driving I have leased 3 vehicles (Jaguar and Accord).
• I have purchased all Honda, Nissan and 1 Chevy Conv. Van (for a family of 6).
o Thus – I am trying to purchase a multi-functional vehicle (combining enjoyable driving, practical gas mileage and the possibility of having a lot of bodies in the car if necessary).
o Now, not knowing Mazda at all – and needing multifunctional ability was my reasoning to trying various Mazda vehicles
 (Fun is @ the top of any list, but practicality is most important to myself).
 I do apologize as you “did not want your time wasted in the future”.
• You are making an assumption that I went somewhere other than a test drive (which is incorrect).
o I had a Red-Box to return in my Jean Shorts that was very uncomfortable so I took it out during the drive and forgot it.
o I never went anywhere for food or other anything.
• I asked specifically if different deals come out at the end of the month (based on sales units).
o I’ll quote your words ‘ The price today will be different than the price on the 31st”.
o Not true – I was quoted the exact sticker price on the window for the CX-5 (not a lot of trouble to do in my book).
• I can’t answer to your Dealerships willingness to sell, or not cars – need or not need business.
o I can answer to my own experience of buying cars.
• What is price? – I buy and contract for a living so - WHAT IS:
o Gross price?
o Invoice price?
o Price minus incentives?
o Price minus tax rebates and incentives?
o Price with or without roll-backs or other internal Mazda reconciliations?
o Price based upon meeting expectations of units sold to gain additional incentives?
o Price of the interest rates?
o Price of the add-on packages?
o Price of the warrantys?
o Any variable therein?
• Thus, to say you are losing money, or that I did not make a “serious offer” would not be accurate.
o FYI - $22,000 is the 90th percentile of car buyer purchases, and can be found on YAHOO of all places.
o You are not purvey to my personal finances or family issues that require me to look for the best possible price.

Josh, I said I intended to purchase a vehicle from you, and until your email I fully intended to do so. Mainly because you were very easy going and said you would forward pricing and other information to me via email (twice – didn’t come but I don’t know your personal story so I can’t judge). I highly recommend you not sending out notes like these to customers in the future as you put distain and innuendoes into writing and they could come back to haunt you.

Sincere Regards,

dh, MBA
Comments:2 Replies - Latest reply on 2013-08-02
Posted by D. on 2013-08-02:
Well, it doesn't look like he will be selling cars for very long!
Posted by F. on 2013-08-02:
As someone who used to sell cars for a living. I can sympathize with the car salesman. If a customer comes and test drives 5 cars and won't even bother to sit down and talk numbers, it is insulting to the salesman. And if you're offering $22k on a car that's $24k after incentives but before title, taxes, and fees, then the OP is a bit on the low side. If the vehicle was a CX-5, then it's a popular enough vehicle that the dealership won't entertain what they consider lowball offers though.

The salesman has some valid points, and honestly if I were him, rather that writing an email directly to the OP, I would handed off the OP to another salesman. The reason being that from the salesman's perspective, it's preferable to take maybe 3 ups a day and go 1 for 3, with the one car you did sell being a profitable deal, rather spend all day with single customer test driving 5 cars and then have the customer not want to talk money after all that. At the dealerships I worked for, passing off customers that you weren't getting anywhere with happened all the time.

Basically IMHO, in this instance the salesman was wrong for sending the ultimatum email to the OP, but at the same time, some of his criticisms are valid. I do think that the OP isn't the kind of customer that the salesman wants, and that's okay, I definitely see where he's coming from, but a better choice on the salesman's part would've been to hand off the OP to a different salesperson or simply sever communications.

I'm going to guess that this salesman isn't going to lose his job or be reprimanded over this because, based on what's been shared his complaints are valid and chances are the GM, not the salesman was the one who told him to write the email in the first place.

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