Points.com is a scam and my ecommerce company is dumping them

Review by paul.seibert.2007 on 2013-08-09
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TORONTO, CANADA -- Points.com:
I am in receipt of your threatening emails and correspondence from your general counsel. I will remove the two graphic images from our web site. As you are aware, we are a former customer of Points.com.

As a very small understaffed company, we have some difficulty at times in removing links, graphics, etc. – as undoubtedly do many of your Shopify merchants. Points.com is a large multinational corporation that is located outside the state boundaries of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and apparently has little experience or expertise in dealing with cottage industries such as ours.

I intend to publicize this bullying behavior of Points.com, and publicize it widely. Certainly we have the ability to review your behavior and the performance of the Points.com application multiple times in an extremely negative fashion via means of the Shopify (and other eCommerce platforms) marketplace, and I intend to reach out to my corporate contacts at Shopify and their developer and merchant advocates and marketplace Ombudsman directly in order to lodge a formal complaint against you and your company’s (“Points.com”) pejorative communications and business practices with regard to small Shopify merchants. It is the fervent belief of this longtime Shopify merchant that your large multinational corporation, Points.com, have misrepresented yourselves as a viable vendor to such eCommerce operations.
Please forward to me the contact information of your corporate counsel so that they can receive the formal demand letter from our corporate counsel, whom have advised us that under the general laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, our company has rights that will be vigorously defended in the litigation system of the Commonwealth. The judges and juries within the court system of Commonwealth of Massachusetts have a long history of defending small local businesses against the unfair business practices of large out-of-state multinational corporations such as Points.com.
As entitled under the general laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, consider this correspondence as our official demand for written enumeration of the reasons behinds the termination of our Points.com account, which was effected without any prior notice.

Be aware that all information and communications between myself, our company and Points.com, shall be made public, as will all of your threats, written, electronic, verbal or otherwise. I have been in contact with several members of the online press and eCommerce review sites, and I have been asked to sit for a local television station so that they can interview me in order to review your Points.com application and present our side of the story. This television program and the resulting video file will be distributed worldwide and search engine optimized in such a way as to become heavily viewed on YouTube and easily discoverable when eCommerce vendors search for information about Points.com.

I am also contacting the office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in order to file a formal complaint against Points.com regarding your multinational corporation’s business practices within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
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Posted by CU on 2013-08-09:
It's hard to figure out what's going on here, but it sounds like you had a business relationship with them at one time, but no longer do, and that they are now demanding that you remove their trademarks from your web page.
If this is the case, it does not seem unreasonable. If you got them on your web page, you should also be able to get them off. I'm not sure what the AG could do for you.

If I am not interpreting correctly...sorry...I tried.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-09:
Interesting to say the least, though a little difficult to find the problem other than Points wants their logo's removed? That should take about two minutes.

paul.seibert.2007, I doubt points.com will ever see your message to them unless you send them the link.

Good luck, sounds like the little guy is taking on the big guys.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-08-09:
So what happened? As far as I can tell they closed your account. If this is true, why would they now be threatening you?

Posted by paul.seibert.2007 on 2013-08-10:
Actually, they never awarded our customers the points that they earned. There are plenty of documented examples of their fraud and scamming available online, in case you ignoramus anonymous internet cowards care to do a Google search. Our customers had their frequent flyer accounts shut down without explanation from Points.com, and they are terrible about returns. Points.com is a bullying multinational corporation and they not only have no viable case against us. They are well known for their threats towards former customers upon termination. We terminated the business relationship with them, thank you very much. The courts here would throw any ribald confabulation suit out of court faster than white-on-rice. They called me today, still threatening. I wish we had never heard of this company: the customer service nightmares were burying our service dept. Now all of the sudden they found my telephone number. Instead of a courtesy call, they thought: "Hey, let's get off on pushing around a tiny cottage industry merchant". I will update the blog post on HubTechInsider.com
Posted by paul.seibert.2007 on 2013-08-12:

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