Maxwell Dodge Austin, TX - Body Shop Complaint - They did more damage to my car than repairs

Review by suchkoder on 2006-03-22
AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I want to let you know about extremely bad experience I had having my Durango R/T fixed at Maxell Dodge Body Shop in Austin, TX.

I had some minor surface scratches on the back passenger door (somebody either keyed the door on purpose or it was accidentally scratched by some metal object) and couple of small dents on the hood (looked like elbow imprints - probably from having my car hand-washed).
Maxwell Dodge Body Shop workers did more damage to my car than there originally was. They did more damage than repairs, that's for sure. The repairs themselves were of the lowest quality I have ever seen.

1. I had to wait 4 weeks to schedule the service; person on the phone, who took my information, was obviously not really interested in having my business. I wish I were smarter and had read the signs there and then. But I get a reasonably satisfactory service from Maxwell Dodge Service and Parts department on most occasions, so I though their Body Shop would be OK too. I was wrong.
2. It took 3 weeks to do the repairs with horrible results, - they did more damage than repairs; and the quality of the repairs was outrageous. They had my car for 3 weeks for a couple of minor scratches and dents.
3. When I got my car back, it was all covered outside in some gooey stuff, like some sort of transparent glue, somewhat whitish in color, spayed all over the black shiny exterior of my Durango with varying density, including the roof. There were also spots where some drops of white paint can be seen. The front windshield glass had white paint sprayed over it. Probably they were working on a white car at the same time with mine.
4. But it was nothing compared to what I saw inside! Everything inside was covered in white fine powdered dust! And I mean everything! It looked like it snowed for several days inside my car.
5. On the floor and on the seats there were dirty oily rags, spay cans, tools, and even an electric drill! And I must tell you, I bought this Durango R/T brand new, 3 years ago and always kept it impeccably clean. I had never eaten, drunk, or smoked inside. Normally you would not find a speck of dust inside it.
So you can imagine how I felt at that time.
6. I should have called the manager immediately. My mistake was that I did not. I thought all that mess can be cleaned at the car wash.
7. I took my car to the expensive car wash and paid $50+ for the complete works. At the car wash they called me to my car - and pointed out that this gooey stuff and white paint could not be removed. Also, they were not able to completely clean the interior from that white dust. It was everywhere, including the engine compartment. It was packed in all of the small niches and nooks.
8. Next day I took my car back to Maxwell Dodge Body Shop, and spoke to the manager - Randy Braswell. He refused to pay for the cleaning that I had to do, and pointed out that I should have immediately talked to him when I saw that mess. OK, that makes sense. Anyway, he agreed to clean the car.
9. When I got the car back it was shining outside and inside; looked at least satisfactory at the first glance. They managed to get the dust out of the most obvious places, so it looked Ok from a distance.
10. Still there is plenty of this white dust in the small crevices of the car, both inside and out. To this day, when I wash my car I get white streaks of this dissolved white powder dust oozing from the interiors of the car, especially from under the hood, and the engine compartment.
11. They still did not do a satisfactory job on removing that gooey stuff. The small drops of it are sprayed all over my car and are very difficult to remove.

13. Now to the quality of the repairs themselves - "abysmal", is the only word that comes to my mind to describe the quality of repairs. There were a couple of minor scratches on the rear door that I wanted fixed. Now the paint on the whole door looks like a matte snake skin. Gloss is gone. They fixed the dents on the hood, but the paint in that area for some reason lost its gloss too, and the paint texture is different too, so it is absolutely obvious to anybody looking that the repairs were done there, even when observing superficially. Basically, it looks like really bad now. Makes me cringe every time I look at it. You should see this to understand. I had prior experience with another body shop, and in that previous case I had my car at that time (also black) returned back to me as if nothing ever happened to it at all. And in that case the damages were substantial, not just some scratches and dents as in this case. This was not true at all with Maxwell Dodge Body Shop. My car looked worse after their repairs than it did before them, even with all the scratches and dents.

14. I also noticed an abundance of some small scratches all over my car, especially on the ridges, that were not there before. It looks like somebody was dragging something and touching my car. This comes as no surprise at all. After I let them have my car - I realized I forgot my office keys in the car. So they let me inside the shop to get the keys out of my car. The inside of the shop is a total mess. I have never seen such a disorder and lack of basic workshop cleanliness in any other workshop I have seen or worked in myself.

15. Mysteriously, the speaker inside the rear door, the one that had been repaired, became blown out. It was perfectly OK when I took the car to the body shop.
Moreover, during the 3 weeks that they had my car in the shop - my 3ye/36K miles base warranty expired, so there was no more electric parts warranty coverage.

16. When I pointed out to them the problems in the quality of the repairs they said they would fix it in one day. In any case I got my vehicle back again all shiny and waxed the next day. When that wax washed off - I could see that they did nothing.

17. They also messed up the paperwork. They did get the fax from my insurance in time - so all I had to pay for their “efforts” was my deductible. They wanted me to pay the whole amount. After some investigation they did "find" the "lost" fax from my insurance (It was in the same folder with the rest of my paperwork).

Thinking in retrospect, I'd much rather had someone hit me in the face if that could have stopped me from taking my car for repairs to Maxwell Dodge Body Shop.
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-06-25
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-23:
I can't believe you drove the car away in the first place with it being such a mess. Also, if the repairs are not done right, you can complain to the insurance company and have they deal with it. They will send out another assessor to take a look.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-20:
Try contacting the BBB to get more attention. They are a member and if they do not resolve your case they will get an unsatisfactory record. And since they're a member they could get their membership revoked.
Posted by texkev5 on 2006-06-25:
regarding maxwell dodge north austin they do terrible repair work in the service department as well dont take your vehicle there and expect it to be fixed right the first time cause it just wont happen they dont care about customer satisfaction

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