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Train Cars on Siding by House 24/7 - Complaint
Review by bvinson1111 on 2013-08-20
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I am writing to you because my wife and I are simply at wits ends. We are desperate. I am begging you for your help.

We live in Scarborough, Maine. Next to a "new" siding that was installed over a year ago.. For nineteen years we lived near a single set of train tracks that had a freight train go quietly by just 2-3 times per day. Then over a year ago, a half mile long new siding was put in place less than 100' from our home and abutting over 25 homes. Rigby Yard is over 4 miles from our house but our new siding is now apparently used as an extension of Rigby Yard. There are other NON-residential sidings between us and Rigby Yard but they are never used for storage. We now have the Downeaster blast its horn at least six times, twelve times per day, between 5:30am and 1:30am the next day. Imagine.

We have had train cars at "our" siding more often than not for the last year. For well over two months now, the train cars are there 24 hours a day...with perhaps a three hour break occasionally when the existing cars are replaced with new ones. Each line of train cars sits there for between one and seven days. Again, we receive at least six long blasts of the horn, twelve times a day, between 5:30am and 1:30am the next day.

I humbly am begging you, please do something to stop or at least lessen this constant use of our siding- please use another siding or somehow use Rigby Yard more aggressively. It is driving us insane, and our health is suffering from lack of sleep, anxiety and depression. We are senior citizens. This house is all we have. Imagine your elderly mother or father living in such a environment- one in which they had NO pre-knowledge 21 years ago of such a situation developing. Wouldn't you aggressively pursue what Pan Am, and specifically Rigby Yard, could do differently? There are several perpetually UNUSED sidings between us and Rigby Yard... why can't they be used?

I beg you most sincerely. Please, please, please, do something to lessen the use of the siding by our house. To repeat, our home stands less than 100' from the siding, 1/4 mile from Black Point Road, milepost 202 as shown by a white sign on the tracks. The use by Pan Am of our siding is killing us- as a representative of Pan Am, please please please take some kind of action to resolve this devastating situation for us.

In fact, a train just went by (11:40am), in addition to blasting its horn four times at the crossing (west of us, less than a 1\4 mile away), it blasted its horn very loudly SIX times as it went directly by our house. This happens TWELVE times per day, from 5:30am to 1:30am. Think of YOUR mother, YOUR father. Please.

I know the Downeaster, to some degree, has to blast its horn when there are train cars on the siding. The crux of the matter is that Pan Am's Rigby Yard is now using, on an absolute daily basis (almost 24 hours every day), our siding (and apparently ONLY our siding between the Scarborough Marsh and Rigby Yard) to store and stage its trains. We expected the siding to be used as a way in which trains can cross each others path, this made sense and we had no problem with it. But this siding is NEVER used in that way anymore... it is only being used to store/stage train cars (like a railroad yard) for days and days at a time.

Thank you so very much for your time, your consideration, and hopefully your help.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-21:
I recommend getting the media involved. They would probably be interested in covering this and maybe getting results.

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