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Review by Sadifrancesco on 2013-08-27
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I will try to keep this brief, but it was and still is a nightmare.

1). We spoke to a sales representative on the phone and were quoted a monthly fee for the channels that we wanted. I asked for his name and extension number just in case there is any problem, which he gladly provided to us.

2). The installation man came to our house and began installing the equipment?

3). Half way through the job he gave us a brochure listing all of the channels in our package.

4). When we looked at it we noticed that certain channels we requested from the beginning were not in the package. In fact the name of the package was not the same name as what the sales representative told us in the beginning.

5). We immediately told the installer to stop installation while we called DirecTV to find out what was going on.

6). The sales representative told us we were getting the Choice Pkg for the price we were quoted and that it did not include those particular channels that we wanted when we originally spoke to the first sales representative

7). We had the name and date and extension number of the representative who we first spoke to when we ordered an installation. We asked for him, but we were told that there was no way they could connect us to him, that they have thousands of reps all over the world and it would be impossible to find him. So we explained the situation to this sales representative and asked if DirecTV wold be willing to honor the quoted price for the programming we originally were told we would get. He said no. We explained that the installer was in our home for 2 hours and we would have him uninstall everything unless DirecTV would honor their quote, but again, the sales representative said there was nothing he cold do for us. We asked to speak to a supervisor and he said there were nine available. We told him we would have the installer remove all of the equipment he had just installed if they did not give us the program we wanted at the quoted price, and he said there was nothing he could do.

8). The installer heard the complete conversation and we told him to remove everything he installed that day. He was fine, but a little miffed of the time he wasted in our home but he understood our side and removed everything.

As bad and disappointing as that was, our nightmare had not begun.

9). The following we we get a bill from DirecTV for the equipment and first month fees.
We could not believe it, so we called their 800 number and explained the entire situation to
the customer service representative (At this point I started taking notes of names, dates and conversations because I had a bad feeling that the right hand did not know what the left hand was doing at DirecTV). The representative took the info and said he would put in a request to review the bill. We asked for his name and ext. number and he gave us the info. We knew from the previous representative that this info was useless but I knew I might need it in a dispute letter later.

10). The following month I get yet another bill from DirecTV with the fee for the second month fees plus the first and a late fee!

11). Again, I called Customer Service. I asked for the last representative I spoke to and naturally they could not connect me to him. Again we explained the situation, that the man uninstalled all of the equipment on the day of installation due to DirecTV not being willing to honor the package and price they had originally quoted to us. This representative then says to me, "oh, I wish you had spoken to me first because I would have never let it go this far and how he could have contacted a supervisor who wold have honored the quoted package and price." OMG, I thought to myself. What is going on within this company! No one is communicating with anyone. Sales reps are lying to customers just to make a sale and then lying about their contact information and lying again that no one could help us. I even wrote an email detailing all of this to them and I included my concern about how this may affect our good credit rating.
My husband and I have worked very hard and have been very responsible in paying our bills on time and to think that this bozo company could possibly ruin our good credit rating over their incompetence concerned me greatly.

12). One week later we received a large box in the mail from DirecTV requesting that we return the equipment they installed since we cancelled our subscription with them! What? We never cancelled our subscription, we never even had their equipment fully installed! We had them take it out once they refused to honor their quoted programming and price!

13). Again I call Customer Service. At this point there is no reason to ask for the last person you spoke to nor do they keep any records of your conversations with their reps. So each time I call I get a new person and have to go through the entire story over again. It was very frustrating and time consuming and stressful.

14). We figured we would wait another month for them to get their act together and realize there was no equipment for us to return and no bill to be paid, but alas we were wrong.

15). We received yet another over due bill and this time it included the cost of the equipment we did not return! Equipment we never even received! At this point I decided to call our credit card company to ask them to enter a dispute report with DirecTV over the initial fees that DTV charged to our account for the first month's rent. Always pay with a credit card because one of the great features they have is disputing charges that you do not believe you are responsible for, which they did.

16). Our credit card company took all of the information I had written down, dates, fees, etc and said they would contact DirecTV and get to the bottom of this. In the meantime, DTV kept sending us over due bills.

17). 60 days later, our credit card company contacted us and said that they had not heard back from DirecTV and therefore by law they forfeit the charges. I was to surprised that this disorganized, deceitful company completely ignored the dispute report, and so I thought the nightmare was finally over, but I was wrong.

18). Approx. 5 months have passed since this fiasco with DTV started and yet today I get a letter in the mail from a collection agency on behalf of DirecTV telling me we still owe them money! OMG. It's like something from the Twighlight Zone! For the first time in our lives, our good credit is at risk because of this big corporation's incompetence? They are so big that they no longer have to care about quality service or professional responsibility. The left hand doesn't care to know what the right hand is doing at DirecTV. All they know how to do is bait a customer, sign him up by getting his credit card, lie to him about packages and prices, take no responsibility for what they say, harass you for payment, ignore a legitimate dispute request and then in the end, threaten to destroy your credit!! Do not deal with DirecTV.
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-08-27:
"DirecTV - Incompetent", Yes, that about covers it.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2013-08-28:
File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and Office of the Attorney General in your state.
Posted by Legums on 2013-08-28:
Fully understand your pain and sympothize. I called DTV a couple of days ago just to get info because I was comparing service providers prior to making a decision. The sales rep was so aggressive I couldn't get a word in. I had to put her on speaker so my wife could listen because it was unbelievable. I kept saying "Ma'am, can I please have an opportunity to speak." Every time I stated I was just trying to get information, it got even worse. The sales rep tried to make me feel like I had to sign up today or I would miss out on all kinds of great deals. Whatever. DTV will not get me locked into a contract if this is what I get for just inquiring about the service.
Posted by Jane Mark on 2013-09-01:
I hate them liars and thieves I am sitting here out400.00$ after being promised service all my TV's are black they are lying unethicals slimebags I will RUN back to ccccccccccccccccoox I hate directtv what creeps!
Posted by Irene on 2013-09-01:
I was also calling just to get info and was not allowed to get a word in. I felt so pushed into a corner and finally just hung up on them. They actually tried to call me back. I just had a really bad feeling that they were just full of crap!
Posted by Stephanie on 2014-10-06:
I was about to get DirectTV, until I saw all these complaints!!! Who would dare sign up with such a migraine of a company! Thank you so much for all these posts. I now know better than to go to them. No wonder their so cheap! And the rep who was helping me, I let her know exactly why I said never mind to the installation.
Posted by Sabina on 2014-10-28:
My grandfather has been scamed by directv he wanted downgrade from his over maximo package to tv select and that was offered at a promotional rate of 19.99 a month the reperenstative I talked to said that there would be an early cancelation fee of 10.00 if I downgraded and If I wanted to keep my equpipment it would cost 15.00 a month for their dvr service
Posted by Mike on 2014-12-16:
I had a very similar experience with Direct TV and was willing to pay early termination fees just to get away from them and their deceptive and dishonest billing practices. They never honored the pricing they quoted us and I have been fighting them for 18 months trying to get it resolved. When I finally told called them to cancel my service they begged and offer to fix the problem.

No Way WOuld I Ever Do Business with Direct TV Again!!! Stay Away!!!!

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