Little B's Mexican and Steak Complaint - Whatever happened to customer service?

Review by allison on 2001-01-01
MAGNOLIA, ARKANSAS -- On New Years Day, 2001, my family (mom, dad, sister, and 17 month old nephew) and I decided to go out for dinner. It snowed 4 inches the night before and wed been stuck in the house all day long...we needed to get out for awhile. So we braved the icy roads and began our search for a restaurant that was open. After two unsuccessful tries at other restaurants, we saw that Little Bs was open. There were several power company truck in the lot and we saw that one room was full of people. We walked inside to find that there was no hostess. Knowing that the weather probably prevented some people from coming to work, we didnt mind waiting. After about 15 minutes, one of the guys from the power company came out carrying a tray full of chips and salsa. He said as he walked by, "Theyre a little short handed tonight. It may take awhile." Still we did not mind waiting. Ten more minutes passed and the one waitress at work that night walked by in a hurry grumbling that, "It will be awhile til I can seat you." By this time we were getting a little antsy--especially the baby. The men from the power company pretty much filled one side of the restaurant, but the whole other side was empty with clean tables. We didnt understand why we couldnt go ahead and have a seat and maybe snack on some chips and salsa until the overworked waitress got to us. After 15 more minutes--keep in mind now...the only people weve seen so far are 1. the man from the power company waiting on his men and 2. the grumbly waitress. No one came to tell us (besides the power company man) that they were short handed. No one offered us a table. My mom caught the waitress as she walked by the kitchen door and asked if it was ok for us to sit down. To this, the waitress replied in a exasperated tone of voice, "I said it would be awhile before I get to you." This is when we decided to leave. If a restaurant is that short handed, it only seems logical to put a closed sign on the door. Maybe we would have felt better even if someone (who actually worked for Little Bs) had explained that no one showed up for work and things were moving very slow. I know we would have felt better if someone had just offered us a table and chips while we waited. We were not in any hurry and didnt mind helping out even if needed. I will not be returning to Little Bs, and I can assure you that I will not recommend that any of my friends or associates dine there. We did, however, have a very pleasant meal at Western Sizzlin.

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