AJ's Sport Bar and Grill Complaint - Needs to be reviewed or shut down

Review by Natasha_White on 2006-04-01
MARYVILLE, TENNESSEE -- This bar is horrible. I am 20 and I went a night they ACTUALLY check your I.d. and the guy mis calculated my age and stamped me as 21 and able to drink. They allow people to drink as much as they can. I've seen people have 3 pitches 3 shots and 5 beers all in one night then let them drive home!!!! this is very dangerous and very badly run. The woman who runs it dosent care about other human beings she just cares about the money she can make. Also I talked to one of the servers. She told me someone got sick in the bathroom and she would and only could clean it up after the store closed. SO everyone else could get sick. This place serious needs to be looked over or shut down. Its dirty and badly run. They can't even id correctly or limit there drinks to a person.
Comments:13 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-04-20
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-04-01:
It sounds like you've been there a few times and yet, shouldn't be in there at all. You knock them for letting you in? Maybe now you are getting carded and no one's making those mistakes any longer. Sure sounds like sour grapes. Back to raiding dad's beer frig.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-04-01:
It sounds to me like you have a personal vendetta against this woman. Nothing like admitting on an open forum that you too are breaking the law.
Posted by Diane1962 on 2006-04-01:
I think you should have gotten sober before you posted this.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-01:
So how many times have you been kicked out then?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-01:
Actually, Pirate, I'm thinking that may be this is a disgruntled former employee.
Posted by miketech on 2006-04-01:
OMG I'm in Oak Ridge I can acutally go to this place. I should check it out and report back.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-04-01:
Do it Mike and report back!
Posted by miketech on 2006-04-02:
Any hints on a night that would be really wretched Nastasha? I haven't been to a really terrible bar in years. The Longbranch on the strip in Knoxville is pretty bad but I grew up in a little redneck town and kind of like a seedy bar. Back in my mid 20s I was in this bar in Crossville and the place was packed. Great looking women everywhere. Soon the cops came and I look around and there are 4 people left including me and everyone else is hiding in this back office. Parking lot full of cars 4 people in the bar including me and the cops come in look around and leave. I left soon after, started feeling like a perv.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-04-02:
It's interesting that you didn't correct them when they stamped you 21. Plus it's not as easy as you think having to babysit everyone's drinking. Maybe you could volunteer your time and talley what everyone drinks then offer them rides home. Sorry but it sounds more like your a tattletale than submitting a complaint.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-02:
Here's what bothers me about this complaint. She wanted to be admitted, even though she is underage, and then she wants to rat them out. To me it's like the college athlete that accepts thousands of illegal dollars and then a few years later tattles on the school with no repercussions to the athlete.
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2006-04-02:
Sounds to me like the guy who carded you was the one who downed those "3 pitches,3 shots and 5 beers."
Posted by yoke on 2006-04-04:
Sounds like someone got bounced out of the bar.
Posted by Tara21 on 2006-04-20:
when I was under 21, if I had gotten a stamp I would have gotten trashed! sounds like she is an uptight youth group kind of chick... are ya mad because youre ugly and couldn't get a guy to buy you a drink or somethin? Get your panties out of a twist goodie two shoes....

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