Honda Paragon Complaint - Brand New Faulty Honda C-RV

Review by Faulty Brand New Honda C-RV on 2006-04-05
QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I purchased a 2006 Honda CR-V EX from the Paragon Honda dealer at 57-02 Northern Blvd., Queens, NY, 11377. The C-RV was delivered on 03/29/2006, at approximately 10:00 pm and on 03/30/2006 it had a flickering problem in the instrument panel. On 3/31/2006 through 04/03/2006 the C-RV continued to suffer from the same problem. When starting the car after being off for a few hours the whole instrument panel flickers for about 5 minutes. I took it to the service center on 4/4/2006 to have it looked at and the technician told me they could not duplicate the problem and thus they could not help me. It took them from 7:30am to 2:30pm to notify me that the car was ready and they could not duplicate the problem. I got there at approximately 3:00 pm and the car was not ready after waiting for two hours the car was finally ready.

I left the C-RV in front of the service center on the night of 04/04/2006 and went in the next morning 04/05/2006 to have it looked at. I also called the Honda customer service and filed a complaint. The car is not even a week old and it was already having problems. After a technician and an engineer looked at it, I was told the instrument panel had to be replaced and I had to leave the C-RV over night. I was not offered a car rental at any time and that was upsetting because there I was with no car and no way to get to work.

At Approximately 8:00am on 4/5/2006. the Honda Paragon dealer told me that the dash board needed to be disassembled to take out the current faulty instrument panel and record some of the numbers on it because they needed the numbers to order the part, which could also take from 5 to 7 business day for them to receive. They would assemble the dash board and put it back and call me sometime during that same day. I was told that I could still drive the car after and the Honda Paragon dealer would call me when the car was ready.

The morning of 4/5/2006 Barry from customer service called me and I explained the situation. He was basically useless and the only valuable feedback he provided was that Honda would not buy the car back and that I should have gotten a rental for the day of 4/5/2006.

At approximately 11:30am on 4/5/2006 the technician called me and informed me that the part would arrive overnight and they would be able to have the car ready the next day. Honda Paragon would call me on the next business day 4/6/2005 and inform me of when I should pick up the car.

At approximately 2:00pm on 4/5/2006 the technician called me and informed me that the part was in back order nationwide. No other Honda dealer in the United States had this part on stock and that the order could take up to 30 days to arrive.

I am very stressed out and concerned with this problem. I am obviously not a valued customer at Honda. I don’t trust this car e and I am not going to risk me or my family getting hurt. If I had wanted a car that was going to be a problem I would have had not bought a new car. In addition it not my fault that Honda used a faulty Instrument panel. I am very disappointed with Paragon Honda and Honda Corporation overall. MOREOVER, THERE IS STILL NO RESOLUTION TO MY PROBLEM.
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Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-05:
It stinks that you have to go through this. Did you contact the regional office of Honda? Dealerships hinder people from calling the regional office cause it gives the dealership a bad service record. Dealerships hates when that happens cause they don't get there award. Since this is a brand new car I am sure the regional office will work something out with you. Don't depend on the dealership for anything. They got your money and that's all they care about. You don't qualify for the Lemon Law yet. I believe a car dealership is a consumers worst enemy. I should post some horror stories about car dealerships on my blog.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-06:
IMO, if the thing is driveable, I certainly use it until the parts come in. If it's only a few flashing lights with no harm to the vehicle, drive it.
Posted by Faulty Brand New Honda C-RV on 2006-04-07:

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