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Review by spiraleduproar on 2013-10-07
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LONGWOOD, FLORIDA -- My car was taken to bill ray Nissan for repairs through my insurance company's suggestion. It was taken in a Friday and "inspected" the same day. My claims adjuster cut a check on Monday (the next business day) for the repairs and my car was said to be done on the following Friday.

Thursday evening (around 630, the day before it was supposed to be done) I was informed that when they took off the oil pan, the oil filter was damaged and needed replaced as well. Which I was also told is common when a pan is damaged. So, I'm not sure why it wasn't checked in the initial "inspection". So, I then had to wait for the adjuster to go back out. The dealership then ordered the part that would take another 5-7 business days. I have now spent $500 and two and a half weeks waiting for an 8 hour job and both the dealership and customer service refuse to help me out.
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Posted by BigAl on 2013-10-08:
I think you might be confused about which part was damaged. The oil filter is not something that would often be damaged with the oil pan. Also the oil filter is a small ticket item which would not stop the repair from proceeding. It is also a part that would not need to be ordered. I believe you have the facts of this incident wrong. Either you misunderstood the reason for the delay or the person relaying the information to you was not properly informed. This is just a guess but possibly it was your transmission pan that was damaged. The filter inside the transmission often will be damaged if the pan is damaged. However a transmission filter should be a maintenance part which should be kept in stock. Any parts store would have these in stock.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-10-08:
What do you mean by "refuse to help me out?"
Posted by Tezrien on 2013-10-08:
It most likely wasn't the oil filter that was damaged. It was probably the oil pickup and pump. Those I can see being damaged if the oil pan was damaged and probably weren't checked in the initial inspection because they are internal parts and cannot be seen until the pan is taken off.
Posted by F. on 2013-10-08:
I'm confused. If a claims adjuster came out, I assume the insurance company is paying for repairs, why would you be out $500, unless that was your deductible in which case you'd be out $500 either way. Some clarification would be helpful here.

Anyway it's not uncommon at all for more damage to be uncovered when repairs are in the process of being done. Last winter my car got hit a snowplow, and it ended up taking about 5 days longer then they had originally estimated because of more damage that they had found once they started disassembling the front of the car for repairs. Having worked in a body shop years ago, I can attest that this sort of thing is not out of the ordinary at all, it's inconvenient, and annoying but, it's not indicative of bad customer service or anything because the people doing the repair work won't know about any extra damage until they encounter it, and often times that damage won't be visible until the vehicle is disassembled. In your case they didn't know about the further damage until the oil pan was removed. If the oil pan was hiding some damage then obviously they wouldn't know about until it was removed, and you can't visually inspect what's inside the oil pan.

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