University Medical Center, Las Vegas, NV Informative - This hospital needs to be shut down.

Review by machdohvah on 2006-04-10
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I have been in Las Vegas for over 10 years coming from Los Angeles at that time. I am appaled at the lack of clenliness surrounding the surgeries in the University Medical Center (UMC) hospital. This hospital recieves most the county's poor -- those that do not have the ability to pay. I have found that this hosiptal is in such poor shape that most surgical procedures end in staff infections for non-steryl equipment. Please do us all a favor and shut it down. One additional note: the average wait time in their Emergency Room is an appaling siz hours.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-10:
There are a lot of hospitals like the one you are talking about and while I agree with you that people can’t afford to pay for this but shutting theses places down is not the answer. Then where will these “poor people” go? It’s not just the poor people who can’t afford it anymore, middle class people who don’t have insurance and just one emergency, O, lets say a hart attack, go under very fast. The “cure” now puts them in the poor house or very close to it. We are told from day one, we must be born in a hospital and we must die in a hospital. The drug companies have become “Drug Dealers” in every sense of the words. We pay for the bulk of the research and they reap the rewards. Why is this? I think because we as a people believe our own BS. We in the end let them do it with the help of our own government.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-04-10:
The whole staff was infected?!?!?! Was it perchance a staph infection?
Posted by Schadenfreudian on 2006-07-17:
Oh yeah. This is one top notch hospital, oh yesiree.

Check it out. They settled Medicare FRAUD allegations for over 1 million.


Gosh, I would hate to work on behalf of this loser hospital and have my name all over the paperwork coming out of the office. Egads. Medicare fraud. That is some serious stuff.

Can you imagine being a supervisor working for one of those outsourced billing and collections companies and having THIS for an account? You wouldn't even want to handle their paperwork, let alone be a patient, or so it appears judging by the hot water they've been in legally.

This is just my personal opinion, mind you.

Posted by ConcernedNevadan on 2006-08-18:
I just want to say that I am the webmaster for NECAPP and AgainstUMC.com. Since I began to maintain this website I have become appalled at the first-hand accounts from people about the poor service and medical attention from University Medical Center. I agree they shutting them down is not the answer, but improvement is necessary and it begins with making our voices heard. Please check out AgainstUMC.com to see more peoples opinions on this and to share your own.

(NECAPP is a Nevada Patients' Lobbying Group)

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