Local Mini Mart Complaint - No Math Skills

Review by DORCAS on 2006-04-17
CALIFORNIA -- This is really meant for so many stores these days and it's pretty sad. People can't count change anymore. I went to the local mini mart for two fountain sodas. The total was $2.47
I gave the kid a 5 dollar bill and .50 cents change. I guess he didn't see the change and rang in $5.00. He was absolutely confused and he was trying to hand me two bills and some change. His boss was standing by and said nothing to him. I couldn't bear to see him so flustered and finally told him what change he owed me. His boss said nothing but just watched the guy in his embarassed confusion. I did get my correct change. What is happening in the schools where a simple math problem is so perplexing? I've had it happen at more then a few places in the past.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-18:
What is happening is simple really you just have to think about it for a few. They don’t really worry about math because we have calculators and computers. They worry about more important things like, “don’t teach my kids about God that will offend me”, “ don’t teach my kid about creation that will offend me”. Teach my kid useful things like “evolution”, that is based on theory and has little to do with facts or faith. O, and now the big thing, “ Teach my kid the history of Gay’s and Lesbians”, that is something that will really help there development. Then they will know it is all right to be a pervert and do the things that are not natural. Then they can become wonderful politicians or maybe good members of “NAMBLA “. But at least we will not offend the hand full of thoughts that want to kill God, blame the parents and then call themselves “responsible”.
Sorry ! but the big picture blows me away.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-18:
Kids don't know math skills cause our education system has turned to mush.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-18:
This may sound trivial but a lot of the problems started when they stopped giving out ribbons to the winners on "track and field day" and changed the "letter grading system".
Posted by S. on 2006-04-18:
And whatever happened to having a student do a retake of a grade? That 'social promotion' junk gives me a pain where I should have pleasure. Poor little Kumquat would be traumatized for life! Better he suffer the trauma than I for having to put up with his excuses for inadequacy supplied him by our current educational system. A-a-a-rgh!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-18:
It was nice to be patient these poor children. I too usually try and help, but there are also some cashiers where if I see they aren't giving a receipt. I'll ask for one before I ring up my order. Somebody mentioned the system, and yes the educational system including college needs to be revamped. It seems that we're slowing down our students because of the spanish speaking students. English should the only language in school and bilingualism optional. Also
drivers ed, classic home economics, cardiovascular fitness and etiquette. Bring back and encourage the grade schools to compete with one another, yes that's it! Change counting competitions!
Posted by HorseGoddess726 on 2007-07-10:
That is not foreign to me. My mom went to Dairy Queen and the total for the blizzards she ordered was $3.78. She gave the girl $4.03. The girl looked at her like she was thinking and said she didn't know how much to give back. My mom said .25. The girl was rude from then on. When my mom got home, she asked me (a cashier for 7 years) how much change I would have given back, and I said .25. I can't believe how little math skills people have these days. It's almost like basic math is a foreign language or Physics instead of being simple.

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