Househould Bank Mastercard Complaint - Rude, Harassing and Insulting

Review by kiiera on 2006-04-23
SALINAS, CALIFORNIA -- Household Bank Mastercard Aka HSBC Aka HSBC Bank Of Nevada
P.O. Box 80084,
Salinas California 93912-0084
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HSBC Mastercard account used several years ago not even to the limit which was only $620.00. Have paid on it timely ever since and many times paid up to triple the amount of the min. payment.

I became very ill and knew that my medical expenses were going to hurt me financialy. I wrote to them before ever becoming late telling them of my circumstances and asking if they would work with me on a solution that would benefit the both of us.

They ignored my repeated letters. I called and asked for another address to write to and they would only give me a fax number.

The phone calls to me started and were continuios back to back 7 days a week. I told them over and over of my medical conditions and what these constant phone calls were doing to me. They intimidated me and made false promises of match pays to get me to give them a check by phone which I did several times.

I even skipped purchasing the supplements I have to have to live one month and made a back to back payment to show my good faith without a call from them.

None of my efforts did any good whatsoever, I wasted my time, money, strenght, and a many anxiety attacks for no reason.

On the night of December 1, 2005 I was called six times within a 4 hour period and each time I told them the same thing and each time I was aquised of lying and told they would not have offered a match pay because they knew they were not allowed to.

As the calls progressed I got more and more upset and my anxiety attacks started next to the last person I spoke to was a so called manager and she was the worst of them all, she called me ignorant, stupid, said that I purpously did not make the last two payments and she was tired of my letters. ( Now I had been told prior to that they had not ever recieved any letters ) I have the copies and the fax confirmation for each one since they would not give me a mailing address. While this woman yelled, called me names and made acqusations I asked her to hold I was sobbing and throwing up from the anxiety over the 4 hour period.

She ended the conversation after more than 45 minutes very nastily and hung up on me. Luckily I keep very accurate records and had her name, date, time, dept. etc. I called back this time the call was routed to collections and I got a very nice man who had to ask me to take a breath and calm down he could not understand me. I told him what had taken place that night and he said he was putting in a report as we spoke he also said that if I called the complaint dept. they would honor the promises the employee's offered me all those times on match pays and fee reversal, I asked him to hold and attached my casette recorder to the phone with the ear piece told him he was being recorded and asked him if he would mind repeating that and he did so for me.

I have sent letters for them to cease all contact with me they ignore I sent a complaint of Harassment Letter along with a copy of the FDCPA Laws and they turned around and gave it to "Debt Collection Attorneys" Wolpoff & Abramson, L.L.P. and they start calling me back to back. A few days ago I sent a letter to them with a copy of the harassment letter I sent to HSBC and the FDCPA Laws. We will see what happens next.

In the meantime I checked all three credit reporting agencies and each one says something different.

I am having almost the exact same problem with the JC Penney Credit Card company also.

I did what I was taught growing up to keep in touch with your creditors if your having problems and they would be more willing to work with you . NOT SO with HSBC and JC Penney.

They have cost me more in the long run than if I had just have bankrupted in the begining instead of trying to do the right thing.

I agree with another post on here about HSBC's rude and harassing tactics and thier lies of promises to match pay and remove fee's. That is what took me over the limit and over my budget amount of my monthly paynments to begin with. I was well under my limit when this started now it is over a thousand.

The Account Secure Plus aka BFI of Nevada Insurance I paid for all that time is also a joke. They can not even send me the correct form to file and now are just ignoring me altogehter.

I apologize for such a long post I had a choice of reporting each of these people involved at once or each seperatly. Since they are all tied in together I chose to do it all at once.
For the exception of JC Penney, however they are doing the same things.
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Posted by D. on 2006-04-23:
There is no reason for any company to treat their customer in that manner. Take the records you kept and give a copy to an attorney, there are a great number of FDCPA violations here. If you are having the same problem with JCPenney, I can tell you ahead of time, once a JCPenney account becomes deliquent, they are turned over to NCO for collections. Hopefully, if that does happen,it will be handled by and NCO rep that looks at the accounts as a case by case and not just as a number for their bonus. Just to let you know ahead of time, NCO does offer payment plans, SIFs, fee removals, matched payments (with client's ok). Good luck to you and I know this is easier said than done, but don't let your health suffer over a bill. You seem to be an honest and responsible person and they should work with you, not against you...good luck to you.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-23:
Getting sick and having medical bills is always frustrating but it seems your not telling everything. I have been on disibility as well. If your that sick, are you on some sort of disibility? The credit card companies want documentation from your doctor that your sick not just your word for it. What are you expecting them to do? They are willing to work with you but as I said, you need to provide the proof. There not going to say you don't have to pay anymore. They may say you can pay without the interest. I have 3 HSBC accounts, spoken to them a few times on the phone and they were nice as they can be. In fact one time when I was on vacation I called for a rate increase. Myself and the woman (CSR) was shooting the breeze on the phone, very nice person.
Posted by D. on 2006-04-23:
Viper...your reason for contacting them, and the poster's reason for contacting them, were not the same. Of course, asking for an increase on your credit card is music to their ears. Explaining that a situation came up and you will have difficulty paying, is not the same thing. Also, the poster never once said she didn't WANT to pay them. The poster contacted them, AHEAD of time before the problem came to be, and asked them for some solution to her situation so she can pay. She was showing responsibility, she went to them, she didn't try hiding or lying...You should have read the posting again before jumping to comments that had nothing to do with the issue.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-04-24:
I feel for the poster and wish them the best. The real issue is not whether a lender will show mercy in your time of need but rather how did you get into a position that you require such mercy. Honestly look at the charges comprising your account balances. Ask yourself what the impact would of been if you wouldn’t made the charges. You can’t change the past but you can learn from it. Many generations lived, raised children and prospered without credit cards or easy credit. I personal don’t pay finance charges on depreciating consumer purchases including autos. I don’t because I understand it’s not money that I’m borrowing but rather I’m pledging my future earnings discounted by the finance charge. How can I possibly guarantee the future? Why would I want HSBC or whoever involved in my destiny? I get irritated at viper’s and other comments about just pay your bills and read the fine print. I get irritated because what they are saying is absolutely true and yet at the same time I feel the credit industry is victimizing an uneducated and some what brainwashed society. It’s reckless for a lenders to extend a $ 15,000 credit line to a person with a negative net worth. It’s reckless for a person to accept a $ 15, 000 credit line who has a negative net worth. Bankers and lenders use to assume the responsibility of not overextending people. Not anymore, it’s now the consumers responsibility. Just because it’s an all you can eat buffet doesn’t mean you should gorge yourself till you puke and just because somebody extends you credit doesn’t mean you should use it. Always remember: NEVER PAY FINANCE CHARGES ON DEPRECIATING PURCHASES UNLESS IT’S LIFE OR DEATH.
Posted by viperpa33s on 2006-04-24:
DebtorBasher:I read this person's post 3 times before I replied. I was sympathetic to this person by say I understood how medical problems can be frsutrasting at times. I have been in this situation before so I do understand. That's why I asked about providing documentation from a doctor regarding to the fact this person was sick. This person did not mention that. Sure this person did the right thing by contacting them but you know as well as I som company's don't just except a person's word. I understand that company's constantly harass you asking for money owed which I also believe is wrong as well.
Posted by D. on 2006-04-24:
If that's what you meant, Viper, then we both agree...It just didn't come across that way in your response when I read it. Sometimes it's hard to read emotion in print...but with what you just said, I do agree with that. I guess because our company never asked a person for proof of thier illness, I didn't know other companies did.
Posted by kiiera on 2006-04-25:
Thank You for your responses. Maybe I did not explain myself well enough. I did not over extend. I never went close to the $620.00 limit. It is the bank that accesed all those fee's that took it that high. At the same time I had insurance on this account and took months to finaly get a response from them then they sent the wrong forms and I have written and called and faxed with no response. I do get disability and SSI and I did provide proof and am willing to provide whatever they may ask for, however they chose to ignore me until the calls started. As I said I had been in constant contact with them before I was ever late and asked if they could work something out with me, they did not responde. When the calls first started I did everything they asked I gave them payments by phone and even mailed extra payments in because each one of them offered me a match pay and fee reversal on each payment I gave them. That turned out to be a lie. According to MS. Rouland (the very nast woman) they are not allowed to do that so I am a liar, ignorant and stupid and just dont want to pay my bill.Those were her exact words.If that were so why did I contact them before becoming late, and try to work out something? I told them I took my financial repsonsibilites seriously and did not want to bankrupt instead I prefered to work something out. Where is the insurance company Account Secure Plus I have been paying for on this account? UPDATE: They turned this over to one of America's worst collectors according to an internet site and what I have experienced, Walthrop & Abrhamson.

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