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Review by tmars on 2006-04-28
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- This complaint is to address (and express) my extreme dissatisfaction with the abhorred service and vile behavior of one associate (Marilyn) I received at the office of Dr. Bochnak, O.D. (656 Beacon St., Boston, MA 02215) on Tuesday, April 25, 2006.

To begin with some background information, I first visited this Dr's office on March 9th, 2006 for an eye exam (for glasses). During this time I found the Dr., to have an extremely pleasant and patient manner, especially as he briefly went over possible contact lens options. I chose to remain with my trusty glasses. I was not able to return to the office to proceed forward with either new frames or using my existing frames until weeks later (due to a severe illness and hectic workload). My next visit finally occurred on Wednesday, April 19th, on this visit I had made the decision to have new lens put into my existing eyeglass frames. During this visit I also inquired about the possibility of contact lens, a very helpful associate, “Susan” promptly squeezed me into the schedule for the next day for a contact lens fitting and product education. I returned on Thursday, April 20th for my first ever contact lens fitting, though I had not decided if this was a true viable option. This visit went well, I received the typical excellent customer service from both the Dr. and “Susan” I had been accustom to.

I left the office with a trial pair of contacts to “try out” and requested to not have additional contact lens ordered as I was unsure if I would be comfortable wearing them on a permanent basis. I said I would (hopefully) have a decision when I came back to pick up my old frames (with new lens) in a few days. In hindsight and for the record it is clear there was a communication mishap, a lack of clear clarification to some degree as to what was agreed upon, what was decided, and what the definition of “try out” was. I am not pointing fault or blame, mishaps happen. In fact had it not been for the next series of events, I would have returned as a customer and even referred friends and colleagues as potential new customers to this office. I found both the Dr. and “Susan” to be extremely kind, friendly, and patient as they answered questions and attempted to explain to my options for eye care, as I was both a new client to the office, to the world of contact lens and to my eye insurance company policies.

This brings us to the day that generated this letter of complaint, Tuesday, April 25th.

It was recommended (by a friend) that I call my eye insurance company to inquire about my benefits and coverage, as I was still confused and undecided as to which eye care option I wanted to go with. (To date I had only wore my trial lens for two and a half days, as one of my lens ripped when I was trying to put it in on Sunday.) I spoke to a very helpful Representative from my insurance company and after I explained my situation, he explained my coverage policies, what my options were, etc. The very thorough rep. contacted the Dr's office and spoke with “Marilyn” to see what was done, what charges were pending and any other pertinent information regarding my visits. The Rep said he found her to be unhelpful and "cranky" - my own sentiments exactly.

Prior to my third visit on this fateful day, I called to inquire about the status of my glasses, I once again spoke to an unpleasant, unhelpful person who answered with short responses. I say “once again” because I recognized the voice from two previous, separate occasions, as I had received the same curt replies and discourteous service. I inquired about the status of my frames and was told they were ready (“they had just been unpacked”). I next attempted to explain that one of my contact lens (that I had only received on the previous Thursday afternoon, had ripped) and before I could further explain this was one of my trial lens, I was given the abrupt and curt reply, “it’s your lens, if you rip it’s yours, we’re not responsible for it”, (this is a quote from memory though not exact wording, as I did not have a recording object on hand - as I did not anticipate being verbally accosted).

I made my way to the doctor’s office to pick up my frames. I did not see “Susan” so I proceed to ask a female associate if she was there and I was told she was not. I asked if she could assist me as I did not want to deal with and I made a pointing motion towards the undesired associate “Marilyn” whom I instantly recognized. I began to briefly explain my situation, that I was picking up my frames and that I had some billing and pricing questions regards my previous visits. It was at this time, the offensive associate interrupted and attempted to assist. At this time I again clearly stated “I did not wish to/want to deal with her” and motioned towards “Marilyn”. This was not acceptable to her, who immediately took offense and asked why. I attempted to not acknowledge and ignore her and directed my attention to the other female associate. “What is your problem? I don’t even know you, what are you talking about,” (this is another quote from memory though not exact wording).

I again clearly stated my wishes to not be assisted by her ("Marilyn"), explaining to the other associate I had previously spoken to her (via phone) and found her to be rude, less than pleasant and unhelpful. I expressed my preference to be assisted by the other female associate that was present or even to come back when Susan was there. This was ignored as the unprofessional “Marilyn” who disregarded and defied my wishes and customer rights as she went on the defensive attack and proceed to verbally demand my attention. I attempted to remind “Marilyn” (who repeatedly interrupted me) that as a customer I have every right to voice my opinion or dislike to which she became more verbally hostile and began to repeatedly verbally assault my character in a somewhat raised voice (or perhaps that is her natural repugnant tone).

One statement “Marilyn” made to the other present associate was, “I’m glad 90% of our customers aren’t like this/her”, (this is another quote from memory though not exact wording).

A worker may not agree nor like what a customer is saying, especially when it is about their performance, but to repeatedly verbally assault the customer in such a vicious manner is beyond unprofessional and rude. A new definition of rude should be added to the dictionary or better yet, a new word created altogether to fully convey the nasty, detestable behavior I was forced to endure and to mark the event. The events that transpired combined with the loathsome and exceedingly poor customer service skills that occurred are one might encounter from a novice employee, not a supposed seasoned worker or worse yet manager (I as believe she stated her position to be). There are more details but I believe I have high-lighted (or low-lighted to fit the circumstances) the lack of professional behavior and ethics of what otherwise is a friendly, competent Dr.’s office.

As a loyal employee to the Dr., I do not anticipate the other female associate whom was present and witnessed the event to attest to what transpired, alas the confirmation of the despicable customer service I received would be nice and humane, but I do not need her to do so. I would also like to add and make note the Dr. did come out at the end (he was in an appointment with a customer/patient) and was his usual kind and friendly self and replaced my ripped trial contact lens prior to my leaving his office. I do not believe he was aware of the events that took place and by the time I saw him I only wanted to leave the negative environment that had been created by his associate/employee.

I am not seeking any type of compensation (though some type of discipline is merited), what I do want is a permanent record of what occurred and the acknowledgement of the horrible customer service and inhumane treatment I was subject to. While I do not hold the Dr. responsible for the vile behavior of his employee, I will be invoking my customer rights and taking my business elsewhere from here forth (regrettably I will have to return to the office once more to pickup contact lens that were ordered that I do not even want). I suspect one person will be elated with this decision and while I may be only one customer, word of mouth is a powerful outlet. Seven people heard my story after the visit, three of which saw my visibly shaken state after the vulgar encounter. I intend to repeat the accounts of my coarse experience whenever possible, in addition to filing complaints where ever I can regarding this disgusting experience. Again, word of mouth is a powerful outlet.
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Posted by S. on 2006-04-29:
Are you related to Doe###? Please notify us when you've completed chapter 2 of your novel.
Posted by eyecandy on 2007-08-22:
Marilyn's personal apology to you should be her last act as an employee at that practice. All charges for your exam and follow-ups should be voided and the doctor should get down on his knees and beg you to forgive his error in adding Marilyn to his staff in the first place.
By the way, I'm the office manager for an optometrist- Marilyn wouldn't make it to lunch time on her first day if I so much as caught her rolling her eyes. Marilyn apparently doesn't understand where her paycheck comes from.

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