Advance auto Complaint - Lack of customer service

Review by pinball on 2006-05-01
HARRISONBURG VA. -- This isn't Walmart. I was on a 300 mile trip and returning home to Enola, Pa. when I stopped for gas in Harrisonburg, Va.. When my mini van appeared to go up in smoke. Turns out I lost my oil cap and the engine was pumping out oil all over the engine. It was Sunday nite about 6 or 9 PM. No one knew where I could get an oil cap so I drove down the road and found an ADVANCE AUTO store that appeared open. But the door was locked and I noticed that the store had just closed 1 or 2 minutes earlier. So I knocked on the door and a clerk answered the door. After telling him my problem, he checked with the manager and said they couldn't sell me anything because the regesters were closed. I offered extra money so the manager could pay for the part the next day. So they sent me on my way with a rag stuck in my valve cover to find a Walmart that might have a cap or a ball or something to block the hole with to try to get home another 200 miles without burning up my engine on a sunday nite. Well 1 hour later a ball was found at Walmart that worked to get me home. Thanks for nothing ADVANCE AUTO at South Harrisonburg Va. For sure you lost a customer for good, one that drives old cars and buys auto part to keep them going. I just drive by Advance Auto 1 block from my home to drive miles to the next parts store. You had a chance to do good and you blew it. THANKS WALMART of South or West Harrisonburg Va. for being open to help someone in need.
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Posted by Jbow on 2006-09-27:
i am manager at an Advance Auto. The manager of the store you visited after hours did the right thing. First of all when the registers are closed no sales can be made, this is corporate policy. Second of all, that manager had no idea who you were or if you were legit. Since most robberies happen after hours, Im quite sure that was foremost on the mind of the employees at that store.
Posted by begone on 2006-11-26:
This is for the store in West point Va.. I will never go in again. Had a tail light problem &with bad eye sight ask the boy to read the find print on the fusebox to see if it could be a fuse.I had replaced a bulb already, my daughter had been stopped for this light. The so called parts person at Advance said he could not read this for me because "if something went wrong they could not be responsible", they could only check batteries & ect:. Right behind me A MAM ask if he could get something checked and he quickly helped him. Yes, I am a woman, a 59 year old woman with bad eyes, guess I don"t need help.AND ADVANCE DON"T NEED MY or MY FAMALIES' BUSSINESS!!! NEVER AGAIN will I go there. I will tell anyone & everyone I know to NOT go there. I did't mind geting down and putting in a fuse, just could not read which one. Maybe Advance parts people can't read or just to lazy to get down. Can't understand what could go wrong that they would have to be sooo respondsible for. STUPID--- A BATTERY could blow up in your face---- NOT A WORD! Will drive or send to anywhere BUT NEVER TO ADVANCE AGAIN!!!!!!

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