Choice Pediatrics of Sanford, FL Complaint - Very unprofessional service!

Review by kaathieb on 2006-05-02
SANFORD, FLORIDA -- This complaint is coming from a very frustrated mother of an asthmatic. To start things off, this office refused to comply with returning a medical form to my childs elementary school for permission for usuage of an inhaler. After numerous attempts from the school nurse and myself, we eventually gave up, therefore resulting in numerous absentees on my child's school record as well as there still being no compliance on the "infamous" medical form. To make matters worse, for the past month, I have been trying to get a perscription for an inhaler refilled. Now understand, I work full time and when I am off work, the office is closed. So therefore, I really rely on there over the phone service for refills. To have this service become this complicated is really an annoyance and an inconvience. Due to this frustration, on the second time around, I requested again for the refill and ended the phone call with questions of a transfer. The receptionist refused to give me her name so that I could talk to my child's doctor personally about her conduct and unprofessionalism and to request the refill from the doctor myself. I tried numerous times to call back and reason with the receptionist (" Sophia"), and have the bigger matter at hand settled (my child's medicine). She then returned to the phone with more of a vicious attitude than before and asked if I was staying or leaving and before I could answer , she interrupted me repeating the same question and once again hung up on me. So currently the matter is not solved, I have not recieved any phone calls from the physician or office employees notifiying me of any changes or solutions to these problems, so thus I write to you, the public, to hear and put my frustrations out to be heard! I'm a mom, this is my child health on the line and I'm angry!
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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-05-02:
Personally I would be standing in their office until this is resolved. Sophia can't hang up on me when I am there in person. Make an appointment with your doctor, be there on time and be couteous to the front desk staff and then once you are with the doctor, find out if they know what is going on with their practice - after all, it's their name on the wall.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-02:
Medical office can be the worst, often however this attitude comes from the top (ie doctor) down. The idea of making an appointment with the doc is an excellent one. I have three kids and I know I have to use vacation or sick leave to see the doctor, that is a fact of life and part of having kids. You will always have a harder time on the telephone, go direct to the doc. You also might send a certified letter detailing your complaints just on the off chance the doc is not aware of how his staff treats parents.
Posted by yoke on 2006-05-03:
I agree that you should make an appointment to see the dr. What is unfair about this is not only is the parent out time from work (for something that could be done over the phone), but money (either out of pocket or the insurance company will have to pay it). The dr will be able to charge for an office visit for something that can be done over the phone. Let the dr know that and if it happens again you will have no choice but to change drs. I know at my kids dr office one of the receptionists is like that. She will never put you through to the dr, she would rather you make an appointment (more money for them). The other girl puts you threw or will give the dr a message and the dr calls back asap. It's all about the money!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-03:
What is unfair about the doctor wanting to get paid for his/her work? It takes time to telephone in a script or fill out a form, my doc does not charge for those services so it makes sense to me that they would like me to come in so they can get paid.
I am not sure what insurance company pays for telephone time, none that I know of.
Posted by yoke on 2006-05-03:
My point is if the patient has already been seen and needs to have the dr fill out a form for school why can't the front desk give the message to the dr, why make someone come in for an appointment..again. It should alrady be in the childs chart what is needed and when the child was seen last. My kids dr fills out the form for the school and mails it in, it is a simple form and most drs office have it. Sounds like the front desk person doesn't know their job. I'm sure the dr will be upset when the patient comes back in, again, for the mother to ask for a form filled out. It is a waste of the drs time also.

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