Tri County Toyota Informative - Worthless service/warranty

Review by glenonoka on 2006-05-10
LIMERICK, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased a used vehicle from Tri County Toyota in Limerick PA. They used deceptive sales tactics by using a warranty they don't support even though the warranty is called Toyota Extra Care. They lied about all the things they will do for you should your car ever need service and then refuse to deliver after you buy the vehicle. For more info on my experience, see
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-10:
I read your biography and maybe it is time to seek a new Toyota dealer. The good news is that your extended warranty is a factory program that is accepted at any Toyota Franchise. If you do decide to change, make sure you bring all your past paperwork to the new dealer of choice so that they may record any previous history. Good Luck
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-11:
I would've been through with Tri County Toyota by the fourth service. Nice car! When you buy a used car it's worth time and money to get it inspected by mobile auto inspector, they should have them in your area. Also I don't think this A**H0LE Craig should be representing Toyota. Your documentation and your explantion is exemplary but I'm not sure why you bought a car knowing the pre cats go bad?
Finally, I wouldn't kiss Tri County Toyota's ass by apologizing they should be the one's apologizing.
Posted by mikepa64 on 2007-12-01:
Recently, an inspection was scheduled with them. I dropped it off at 7AM on Monday and, although I stopped by each evening, they hadn't worked on it. I finally got it back Wed night. Since I didn't have another car, I kept the rental car. Even though I filled the gas tank back to where it was when I got it - they still charged me $22 (at $4/gal) to fill it up. The customer service and professionalism sucks and they have no problem rippong off their customers.
Posted by Mabangoako on 2010-05-01:
I had my truck oil changed at this dealership- Tri-county Toyota at Limerick, PA early this year. after just 30 to 45 minutes its ready. So i guess it was just a quick service. And yes guess why oil change was quick? Ha! Opened my engine bonnet and yes my OLD OIL FILTER is still there! I called them, and the service rep asked the mechanic and guess what he tried to deny not changing it. I told them I have a picture of it before the oil change and they where just as surprised. had to come back to have them replaced the filter. So to others who go to TRICOUNTY TOYOTA @ LIMERICK, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. They can't be trusted, they probably didnt replace whatever part they told you they replaced.
Posted by Carl on 2012-04-02:
I brought my 2004 Scion Xa in for inspection. Got a call stating that a light bulb was out on the left rear and that it had to be replaced. They replaced the bulb and when I picked up the car, both my left rear turn signal light and reverse lights were inoperable. These worked fine when I originally took it in. It was after 6pm when I picked it up, so service was already closed for the day. Called them up and told them that I had found that not only was my reverse light and turn signal not working the way they should, but that my turn signal lamp would light when the car was put in reverse and that I needed the car and wouldn't be able to get it back in until the next weekend. The next weekend comes and I put it in the shop again. Got a call back from Brad stating that the circuit board to my back left lights was faulty and that it needed to be replaced. The part cost $160 and with labor it would be $240 to fix. I got very upset at this point and explained to him that this was all working fine until they changed the blown out bulb the weekend before. He said that the testing showed that the circuit board was faulty and that the part would take a week to come in. He then stated that it must have been a coincidence, but that I could wait until Wednesday to talk to the Green Team since they were the ones that worked on my car originally. I told him that I would just pick up my car and wait to talk to the Green Team on Wednesday. I picked up my car and took it home and decided to look at it myself. I flipped the break light bulb housing around to connect the housing circuits to the opposite bulbs and what do you know, everything began working as it should.

This is complete incompetence. One mechanic installs the bulb incorrectly to create the problem and then another mechanic fails to diagnose the actual problem leaving me to figure it out on my own. I have taken my cars here for regular maintenance and everything has been fine, but of the three times I have brought my car here for mechanical issues outside of regular maintenance, they have wrongly diagnosed the issue and wanted to charge me for things that didn't need to be fixed. The first time I had an issue with the gas cap sealing properly on my Camry that I used to have and they fixed some valve in the fuel injection system that didn't need to be replaced. Then when the check engine light came back on, they tried to say it was a different problem again until we complained to someone higher up who admitted that it was the same error and refunded out money.

They did however fix an engine coil problem in the Scion correctly, but that is 1 out of 3. Not a very good record. This place is ok for regular maintenance, but I don't think I will be taking my car back here for mechanical issues.

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