Bodwell Chrysler-Dodge , Brunswick, ME Informative - Unethical, High Pressure Sale

Review by J.bouyoucas on 2006-05-13
BRUNSWICK, MAINE -- My husband is in the Us Army. I contacted Cryrstler, and they said"They don't get involved with their dealer, and its customer. On May 4,2006 my husband's car broke down. He took it to Bodwell Dodge to be repaired. On May 6, 2006, He called and talked with a sales representative at Bodwell Crysler-Dodge about mini-vans. my husband gave his personal information as well as mine to an individual named Craig that Marsha said was the manager. On May 6, 2006 my husband called me to pick him up on my lunch break to "look" at a Dodge caravan with him. When we walked into bodwell''s my husband asked "which one of you is Marsha?" Marsha walked up and said " You must be ___, I''ll show you the van I was talking to you about. To my amazement there was temporary tags on the vehicle. I asked my husband if he had signed anything. He said no. (At that point I did not know they had run our credit.) Marsha then asked me to come into her office. My kids were there and my husband was trying to keep them under control. Marsha handed me papers to sign. and I did. It was obvious I was angry as I signed. I left and went to work. On Monday May 8, 2006 my husband recieved a phone call from Craig. My husband called him back. Craig said I put the wrong bank on the application for title, and assked can I bring it to you somewhere so you can sign it? My husband said "wouldn''t my wife need to sign it too?" Craig said "we already have her signature on file, so uyou can sign her name. My husband said " I''m not comfortable doing that, can I pick it up and take it to her or can I bring her in to sign. Craig said that would be fitne but it had to be done today (May,8th). Bill called me at work and told me about his conversation with Craig. I told my husband "I''m tired of dealing with these scam artists." I am going to give back the van. I''ll be there to get it in a few minutes. When I got to Bodwell I told craig I am not signing the title. I want to end this deal. Craig said "talk to the manager". The manager said "the deal is done." I asked why he would not take his car back. This was a high pressure deal. He replied "I can''t sell that as a new car now. I said I knew he could. He said he is not letting me out. I left the keys for the van with hem. The van and the Dodge Dakota are both at the dealership. Now they are trying to alter the title I already signed by adding the correct banks name to the title. I don''t know if that is proper procedure or not, but nothing they''ve done at this point had been proper procedure for any other dealership we have purchased from before. I never saw temporary tags on a car before you buy it. I still don''t understand how I let this happen. Buyer Beware
Comments:3 Replies - Latest reply on 2006-07-12
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-05-15:
If you were uncomfortable with the amount of pressure applied (and it does sound like a high pressure dealership), you could have stopped the transaction at any point up until you signed the contract. It sounds like they just need a signature to correct a clerical error and now you are having buyer's remourse and want to blame them and use the error to void the whole deal. I doubt it will work. Just move on and enjoy your new van.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-05-15:
First of all- sounds like you and your hubby didn't disucss this very effectively! Also, what did you THINK you gave your personal info to them for on May 6? Of course it was to run your credit.
Posted by MadAlbanian on 2006-07-12:
I had purchased a Dodge Dakota from Bodwell's some years ago. I thought they were great. There was so no pressure at all. I thought the sales team was great and the service wonderful. I would go back.

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