Penny's BBQ House Complaint - Unfriendly, Rude people

Review by Jed54 on 2006-05-14
ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI -- We decided this Mothers day to visit Pennys BBQ. We had a party of five, and requested seperate checks. This was for a party of 2 and 3. We were told that you cannot have seperate checks at one table, and were told we would have to set at seperate tables. What sort of problem this could be is still beyond my understanding. To top it off we were told that if we did not like the restuarant policy that " We could just turn right around, and go out the same door we came in, and just get out". What sort of business practice is this? We'll never go back again!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-14:
Hmmm, maybe the waitresses were suffering from a bad case of not being loved this morning or therefore lack of a little nooky nooky. Must've been embarassing being told about the policy in front of ma and pa kettle, with pa still wearing an ear horn. Seriously, I applaud you and your party for walking out.
Posted by you r stupid on 2006-05-15:
What's the big deal if that's their policy get over it. Can't you figure out in your head what each party needs to pay, if you can't then start bringing a calculator.
Posted by DORCAS on 2006-05-15:
I don't know. That is really not an unusual request. If that's a strict policy maybe the restaurant should post a sign stating "No seperate checks" or something. I do agree they were rude. Why would the customer know this before hand? So if that's their policy then why can't a place just be polite about it or say they'll need to add on a couple extra dollars. If we dine with others and ask for seperate checks we always add extra to the tip. These are the places we continue to dine at and never have a problem. They were rude and good for you for leaving the crummy joint.
Posted by CobraCat77 on 2006-05-15:
Dude, it was Mothers Day. Do you have any idea how crazy restaurants are on Mothers Day? It can take 5 minutes to seperate checks, and if you times that by all the patrons who want separate checks, it becomes unreasonable on the busiest restaurant day of the year.
Posted by Bell on 2006-05-18:
So why couldn't 2 ppl go up & pay first, then the other 3 pay? What's the big deal?
Posted by Jed54 on 2006-05-26:
you r stupid - You understand the problem
Posted by Jed54 on 2006-05-26:
beanbagbritches - They would not let us seat at different tables. Since we were together they would not split us up. Dumb? Yes very>>>>>>>>

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