Acadamy Collection Services Complaint - No recored of my account

Review by Misslala on 2006-05-17
I had a past due credit card that Capital One sent to Acadamy Collections. After paying them for 6 consecutive months, drawing the draft out of my checking account, I paid the debt off. The last withdraw out of my checking account was in January of 2006, which paid the debt in full. I was told that I would receive a paid in full letter. Well, out of site, out of mind. Then, I get a collection letter from a different company for the same debt. So, yesterday I call Acadamy Collections and spoke with the woman who called me MANY times at work, in regards to the debt.(I still had her name and direct extension number in my desk drawer) What happens? She can't find me by my name, SS#, or work and home phone number. IMAGINE that. Then she askes what the debt was for, and I tell her Capital One, and she replies "oh, we don't represent them anymore and we have no contol over that!"
HELLO, where is the 6 months of payment I gave them? So now I have to go through my old bank statement and prove that this debt has been paid to the new collection agency. What the heck?
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-17:
Wish this advice got to you before your experience. NEVER allow a creditor access to your checking account. ALL correspondence and payments to collections agencies needs to go "Certified Return Receipt". Virtually all debt collectors are liars with subhuman intelligence. If you have not done so, shut down their access to your checking account or you'll see the money going to pay the "already paid" debt. Write the new collection agency and tell them that you have proof (I hope you do) that you paid the delinquent charges and that you are disputing their claim under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Find someone to help you...law school legal aid clinic, paralegal, etc. Best wishes.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2006-05-18:
DO NOT EVER GIVE A COLLECTOR YOUR BANKING ACCOUNT INFORMATION!!! I don't give a shyt if he says he is Jesus H. Christ!! Demand validation of the debt and if the debt collector continue to call and harass you...send his punk azz a cease and desist letter!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-18:
I agree with Doc and ejack these people are sick perverted @astards. They don’t know what your debt is for in the first place nor do they care. They sell your debt for a profit even if they are getting your money. They don’t care about any law and they don’t follow them either. I hope you get away from the creeps and stay away from credit as much as possible. Just remember if someone sent a bill to a collection company it is because it is not worth them taking you to court for. The best way to handle a collection call is to hang up and pay what you can when you can (KEEP RECORDS) if they keep calling, change you number.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-18:
Hey surfers...Beware AMEX too. Some time back they sold "delinquent" accounts to a collector for about ten cents on the dollar. These are so old there's no documentation to support the debt. But about 1 in 10 actually pay the "debt" simply because they fear damage to their credit rating. Engrave this in your minds and learn how it works...Fair Credit Reporting Act! Thanks for the trust "lidman".

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