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Review by Danie on 2006-05-19
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- To whom it may concern. hi my name is Daniella Dorismond i have been a sprint customer for the last past year and a half. i have sign a 2 year contract with sprint my monthly bill was suppose to be $35.00 a month with tax and surcharges. my bill every month is sky high not to mention im a paid customer not to mention sprint is thieves they went into my account to take some money out without my consent left me with a bounce check after i paid $70.00 cash at a near sprint store on may 3.2006 they left me with a overdraft fee of $80.00 after the check bounce they were suppose to wave the fee back to the bank after sending a fax to sprint they never wave anything back to my bank and have the audacity to interupt ny service and had the nerves to say i went over my spending limits and my bill isn't due till may27,2006 i feel like i've been robbed and need some kind of help and a thorough investigation quick what sprint is doing to customers isn't fair.please hear me out and investigate the fraud going on behind the phone company.
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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-05-19:
Punctuation is a good thing.
Posted by glc on 2006-05-19:
RedHead, Daniella is representing Brooklyn, and in Brooklyn, we "don't need no steenkin" punctuation. Daniella, in 6 months, when your contract is fulfilled, try Verizon.
Posted by Bell on 2006-05-25:
Sounds like you haven't been paying your bill, that's why you were drafted the $70.
Posted by Savaran on 2006-07-25:
Daniela, it sounds like an error. I work for Sprint Customer Service. I see these all the time. You need to contact us and get us to transfer you to Unapplied Payments (which also is misapplied). They will start a case and you will receive your payment back. If you push and are nice to whoever you talk too (always helps) you could get back your overdraft fees. That will takes you giving UP your bank info and they will have that worked out. I work for Sprint but I always consider myself your agent. I hope I get your call.

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