ITS Complaint - Bank of America -I Am Absolutely Disgusted!!!!

Review by donniek on 2006-06-01

UPDATE! My God! It get worse!!!
I was stuck in my office, so I was not able to show up in person.

I called the Branch Direct every hour, on the hour from: 10:00 am - 3:30 P.M.

The girl that answered the phone, said that the personal banker that opened my account No Longer Worked There. I vented my frustration. I was told that, the only person that could help me at this point was the Branch Manager. I said Ok, let me speak to her. Answer, she is tied up helping customers. I left her 2 voice mails. No Return Call! I called every hour since 10:00 am. Every I heard, I gave her the message and she is busy. I finally called back at 3:00 pm, and got the same response, only in a "Rude Manner". They finally said (after the next call) the girl that answered said. WE ARE BUSY! I ADVISED THE BRANCH MANAGER, THAT YOU WERE FRUSTRATED!!! Basically, your not important. We have new customers to deal with. (they must have looked up my account and found I did not have enough funds to be a concern). FINAL CALL, she advised me the Branch Manager will call me before she leaves. NO CALL! I called back at 4:20 p.m, I reached the voice mail message. "I Am Sorry This Branch Is Now Closed".

"Higher Standards" is there slogan! That should be a criminal act of advertising DECEPTION. So should there FRAUDULENT overdraft and Fee practices. There making Billions off consumers. Although, they employee MORONS! and claim to be to busy to help me. If I operated as they do I WOULD BE IN JAIL. If you do not believe my customer service accusations? just try calling there customer service number. Your better have all day to hold.

I am in Absolute Dis-Belief in regards to my experiences with BOA's: Mistakes, Communications, and Lack of Customer Service. I have been trying to contact the BOA Branch located at:3811 4th Street N. Saint Petersburg, FL. for 1 Month. NO RETURN Calls. They never sent me my Checks. They totally spelled my name and put the wrong info on my Check Card. I have been leaving messages for WEEK's. I always hear, there to busy to call back. They are at LUNCH. I left 2 messages again today. STILL NO RESOLUTION. I have to "Laugh" when I hear there commercials on TV. (1 mistake in 1 billion) at this point everything I have done with them has been a mistake (BIG MISTAKE) to be exact, 7 mistakes out of 7 transactions.
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-01:
Silly donniek...the poor sod still believes in "customer service" from major corporations. Quick, donniek, go to the window...it's the Easter Bunny. I suggest you put down the phone and pay a personal visit to BOA (unless you live in Maine) and sit in the reception area, complaining loudly about their customer service. I predict you'll receive something that resembles, but isn't, "customer service". If you cannot pay a personal visit, bank with a local institution. Might cost more, but when they screw up (and they will) you have the opportunity to show them your smiling face.
Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2006-06-01:
God forbid you actually go there. Since you are obviously not getting any results over the phone why not pick your butt up and go to the branch and raise a fuss there. They cannot hang up on you in person.
Posted by S on 2006-06-01:
Agreed. I'd march right into the nearest branch and not leave until I had my money! Good luck... I hope it works out for you.
Posted by melby on 2010-05-22:
Bank of America is the worst bank ever. I and my family has nothing but trouble with them, been with them for years. even when then they were nations bank, barnette bank and now this.. finally closed all our accounts due to poor customers service

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