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Review by Doe3001 on 2006-06-03
According to several news, the names and credit-card numbers of ~ 250,000 customers were on a laptop computer stolen from an employee of accounting firm Ernst & Young, according to sources familiar with the matter., (which is owned by Expedia) and Ernst & Young, its auditor, began notifying customers that their information was stolen last week. WHAT A DELAY!!

The theft occurred in February, according to news reports, but Ernst & Young only recently was able to determine what was on the computer's hard drive.

Again, I'm not surprised about how EXPEDIA fail to customers (please read my reviews about EXPEDIA).
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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-03:
And the ID's of 25 MILLION vets was compromised. AND 1.3 MILLION student loan borrower's IDs in Texas were compromised...etc...etc. And that was just in the past 10 days. The news of these compromises are becoming so routine that few people pay much attention to them, unless their ID is stolen.
Yes, by all means, trust everyone you give your information to. Give it freely to whomever demands it or states a "need" for it. Despite this, we will continue doing business with companies that "lose" or fail to safeguard client data.
Thanks for the informative post, Doe.
Posted by S on 2006-06-03:
I've been lucky enough not to have used these services too often, mostly due to their excessive fees. Makes you wonder... how do they know your info was stolen when they contact you? What if what was stolen was just what they think was stolen, and in reality much more was taken. Even if you are not contacted by them, but have used them in the past, I would assume your info is at risk anyway. Keep an eye on your credit report. And stay away from both Expedia and in the future!
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-03:
Just something to brighten everyone's day. News today that the FBI is seeking to expand its DNA database. Yippeee! Brought to you by the same folks who sponsor the NSA listening in on your phone calls (but only if you're "bad"). Of course, if you're innocent you have nothing to fear. And...they do such a great job of protecting our personal would have to be a raving paranoid to expect them to lose track of our DNA.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-04:

Doc: I here you, let us give thanks to the FBI, Yea let us not forget the NSA, but now let us bow our heads and pray the CIA become “INTELLAGENT”. AaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMennnnnnnnnn………………………………………………………
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-04:
DNA = Don't No Anything?

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