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Review by Cilla on 2006-06-07
CHULA VISTA, OREGON -- Wall Street Gifts is a online business that buys poorly made products over the mexican border cheap and sell them online to you at white collar prices. We purchased a WALL STREET BULL for $180. plus $30.00 shipping--and some other items we had engraved for my husband. We loved the way everything looked. We put the BULL on our mantle and it was never touched.

I noticed while cleaning one day that a few particles were on our mantle, and on further inspection saw that this $180. bull was actually chipping in one spot. I thought maybe I hadn't noticed it before, so I took a little paint and colored it. The next time I went to clean, this Wall Street Gifts ( wallstreetgifts.com ) Bull had chipped in larger places all around, including the legs and the face area!

I called Wall Street Gifts at 619-420-5020 in Chula Vista California. After quite a bit of talking and denial on her part I was permitted to send the bull back if I would pay *MORE* for a bigger, different bull. I sent it back to her on May 24th. After two weeks I called her back and said that she needed to call me right away. She called back the next day with a story that my bull arrived in a million pieces and that she would not refund or replace the bull or even mail it back to me. The best she said she would do was to mail a photo of the pieces of the bull.

I was in complete shock at her deceptive business practices. I tried to get her to mail it back explaining I had insured it for $200. but she refused. I explained that I couldn't get a refund without it, and even offered to send her the insurance information and go to the work of mailing her the forms but she said she didn't want to wait in line at the Chula Vista Post Office.

Then she inferred that the bull might not have been defective after all. I was outraged because why would I spend the money at my own expense to mail it back ($18.00) if it didn't have any problems? And if she was willing to send me a photo, why didn't she suggest that I send her a photo of the original flaws in this piece?

Her website for investments-plus.com and cowscowscows.com , ponyponypony.com says that "she left being a stockbroker" because she had an issue with their honesty. She also states, "I try to be fair," and that she has "great integrity". GREAT integrity, huh? How about a little honesty, goodwill and a tiny bit of customer service? You stick it to the Mexican artisan and the American worker. What kind of integrity is that? She also says "I do unto others" but it's obvious that she DOES it to others. I would suggest that investments-plus.com wallstreetgifts.com ponyponypony.com globeglobeglobe.com gamesandpoker.com all be avoided like the Bubonic Plague, and Wall Street Gifts if you read this I guarantee you, because I actually do have integrity that I will completely remove this from this website once I receive either a refund or an upgrade, as you originally promised, and all will be forgiven, no harm, no foul. I am only writing this because you are unfair and in my opinion not an honest person, and I am a strong consumer advocate. Wallstreet gifts is a sham, folks! Stay Away!
( Wallstreetgifts also owns cowscowscows.com , ponyponypony.com , investments-plus.com , banksbanksbanks.com , globesglobesglobes.com , gamesandpoker.com , )
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-07:
You need to file a police report http://www.chulavistapd.org these people are obviously scammers, don't send them the insurance information either. She's giving you the bull. There's been a bbb compliants filed against them
http://www.sandiego.bbb.org - You should too!
Posted by dmjar863 on 2006-06-08:
Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. She riped you off once and you thought she would make it right. Your living in the wrong century my friend. Buyer Beware
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-09:
Despite the poster's serious intent, there is just too much potential for jokes here.

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