Rampage Products Compliment - Customer Service - for a change

Review by Jackson_K on 2006-06-07
It has been a while, but I actually ran across a company that seems to value it's customers. A very rare thing these days.

My experience was driven because, like the child who excuses his lack of homework, my dog age the gaskets for some aftermarket lights I bought for my Jeep. As the gaskets were unusual, I had to start with the manufacturer, RAMPAGE PRODUCTS, to obtain a replacement set or at least find out where to get them.

Well, for starters, a real human being right up answered the phone at RAMPAGE PRODUCTS. I thought surely I had gotten the wrong number. It took a moment to regain may composure as I was not prepared to speak having dealt for years with answering machines that you have to wait to list all the available communication options, of which the last last, if available at all, is speaking with a person.

I told the gentleman on the phone my issues and asked if I could obtain the requiste gaskets or tell me where to get some replacements. He replied that he could get shipped to me he said, that would be no issue at all.

Again, from past experience, I asked how much they were and if he could take a credit card.

He said there was no charge for the shipping or the gaskets, they were TOTALLY FREE! I was stunned and speechless. Free? Free? No shipping or handling charges either? I was dazed and confused, I must be dreaming, free without handling and shipping? Things like that haven't happened since Jimmy Carter was President.

The chap went on to almost appologetic at the cost of the product and to explain that a new die and casts had to made, and so forth, so the bottom line was they could eat some gaskets in the name of customer service.

While I would admit the product I bought from RAMPAGE PRODUCTS was not cheap and I doubt the gaskets are high dollar, it was neither over the top relative for the prices of everything these days. Getting a human being who reponded and cared about customers make the price very good.

So at least from a customer service perspective, I recommens RAMPAGE PRODUCTS as well as what they sell is of better than average quality and made with some pride and attention to detail.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-09:
Amazing how a happy customer post gets so few comments. Thanks for the info. I've heard of them. Never had any experience with them though.

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