Conns - Sold me a POS washing machine

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Review by jessicahattley823 on 2015-08-24
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ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- I bought a washing machine from Conns in Round Rock, TX like literally 12 months ago... On Friday (3 days ago) I was attempting to wash some towels and guess what! My washing machine was not draining water, spinning or going any further than the fill cycle. I then called Conns since I paid for their very expensive extended coverage warranty, and what do you know... the service department closed at 8pm and throughout the weekend.

I had my husband call on Monday at 9am to see about getting someone to come check out our washer that has defaulted and I was told they do not have any available until tomorrow. Mind you, I am currently pregnant and could have my baby at any given time so I have laundry to do. I have clothes for my baby that are needing to get washed and ready for her arrival. When I had asked to speak to someone above the person I was already talking too, I was told there was no one else in the 'scheduling department.' After arguing with the fact I don't need to speak to someone in that department, I need to speak to someone higher up in management or corporate about this issue. I mean what am I really paying for then?? Most people in American work Monday - Friday 8 - 5 and ironically, so do the service techs through Conns... So please tell me how that is supposed to benefit anyone since you have to be at home to have your item serviced. Then when I was finally with terms with just letting them come tomorrow and my husband will just have to be late to work, I'm then told that they will send someone to 'look' at it tomorrow.... What do you mean 'look' at it?? Your not going to fix my washer? I was then told it would take two weeks for me to get another one.

Meanwhile, I am pregnant and now have to lug all my dirty clothes, my kids' dirty cloths and my newborn's clothes to the laundromat and still pay for this NICE extended coverage they offer.... Fine, just send someone to look at it tomorrow, Well then I'm told they will call me with a two hour notice... So your saying I can't set a time for my item I purchased from you?? So here I am... still paying for this extended [snip] service, water in my machine with my towels... and dirty clothes everywhere.

I have called to speak to someone in corporate and they keep giving me the run around... I have been doing business with them since 2008 and never had any problems like this... But I guess their TV's are the only good thing to purchase... Once I pay this off I am completely 100 percent done with this business and I'm going to make sure every one of their sites has my nice little story about my experience... As I know mine is not the only one since I was told repeatedly about not buying one thru them... But lesson learned!

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