Billing correctional center Complaint - Help - it sucks

Review by kris&ernie on 2006-06-10
LEWISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- This billing service with the correctional center sucks. I have now been blocked and can not get my husbands calls and have no idea why not. My phone bill runs me around 300.00 a month and for the last five months I havent had a problem until now. They are saying bellsouth sent my bill back to them and that I owe them 92.00 dollars and it doesnt make much since to me when all my phone bills are up to date and the next one I just recieved and they are blocking my calls. When you go to speak to someone they make no since whatso ever and you cant get a direct answer. I need someone else to get my services with but I dont no of anyone. Can someone help me?????
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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-11:
I am not familiar with jails but do they have any advocacy or family groups to help families of prisoners? Is there an attorney general in NC? It is hard to get much sympathy I know but I feel for folks with family members in jail, contact should be regulated but I wonder if staying in contact is made much more difficult (and expensive?) than it has to be. Staying in contact with family members is one way for offenders to have success when (and most will) they get out of jail.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-11:
amaniR - Bravo!
Posted by tander on 2006-06-12:
I've seen alot of complaints about the price of phone calls going up for communicating with prisoners.I don't understand either what the reason behind that is because I think communicating with ones family is detrimental to a successful release.
Posted by FrigidaireHater on 2006-06-12:
Tander - it's about the money the state makes when they have contracts with the specific provider of the services. MCI is known for extremely high collect rates (most jails/prisons are on a "collect call" system) and they have very lucrative contracts with the state correction department... the states make money too!
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-12:
"If one seeks the reason behind an official policy, one must look for who benefits from it financially" - Lenin
Posted by tander on 2006-06-13:
Thanks for explaining that. I figured the states are making money some how with the phone calls.

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