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Review by Kerry on 2006-06-11
CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- I am still fighting after 2 yrs.
Along with owner of carpet store.

They are my biggest problem still.

As posted GE & HP finally came through

Mohawk the least amount money/middle road carpet.

Will not budge still, this is in condo

Used to when could work used them often.

Never Again. Unless they make good on their 100% warranty.

What has happened, I used in business customer always right. Even if wrong dealt with it.?????

They are spending more time & money if they just replaced dang stuff. In condo, not that much.

Work of changing out is not easy for me, thought bought carpet to make life easier, to clean, dust wise, ordered natural fibers.

Will keep you posted.

Those with GE side by side recall don`t forget to get it fixed. 2001 recall. Moisture related.
Or should say defrost mess.

That was reminder for those reading.

Also skip Mohawk, their 10 yr. warranty they do not back up. FOR SURE...I am neat-nik. Not a slob if had carpet removed 20 yr. old almost still looked new. Installers even said that.

Wish had back now....Pick something else.

I had problem yrs ago with small carpet Co.
They gave me choice to reimburse or replace 1st call, no hassle.

These big CO. getting tad too greedy.

I say pick someone else, never had this even on properties with lots carpet. Cheap stuff never looked as bad ad mine. Arghhhhhh
Kerry/ hope next update is better news finally.

(Now down to principal)
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Posted by David on 2008-02-02:
realize its an old post, but if the refrigerator was damaged and leaking and assumed ruined the flooring, exactly why is that the carpet mfctrs problem that your refregerator or dw leaked? Get a grip
Posted by t man on 2008-11-16:
this makes no sense...if the fridge leaked on the carpet, why would mohawk be responsible?

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