Review by jperez on 2006-06-12
My complaint is that i tried to purchase "LIME PRO" for faster service. And i gave my information regarding payment. For 1- the software or download never occured, 2- the company charged me 3 times 18.88, and 4 attempted to charge me the 4th time, but no sufficient funds available. Ok! i called the company and a young lady answered the telephone. I told what have happened and she stated that if there any errors on my payments and i didnt get the software. In 3 buisness days the payment would be returned back in my account. Well people the call was made on 6/8/06. And the date is 6/12/06. I STILL DIDNT GET MY MONEY REFUNDED. That is why i say "I WAS RIPPED OFF AND LEFT ME BROKE. If there was supposbly an error, howcome the payment went thru 3 times and attempted a 4 payment. Right there, it wasnt an error. Please help
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Posted by tander on 2006-06-13:
Did you have trouble hitting the submit button? Sometimes when you hit submit and the page freezes we think it hasn't gone through, so we hit back and do it again, in actuality, every time you hit submit, your putting through another order. Did you download Limewire, and put in your registration number?
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-13:
3 * 18.88 = $56.64 why would you buy the software in the first place if that is all the money you had? Think! 56.64 – 18.88 = $37.76, not much to live on. Could you not wait till payday? If you get one copy of the software and they still charge for three then I think you will have a case. Good Luck
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-06-13:
What part of "three business days" was confusing for you? You called on Thursday, the 9th. Friday, the 10th is one day, Monday, the 12th is two days and today, June 13th is the third business day. Your money isn't even due until today.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-06-13:
Yeah, hitting the "submit" button often works when you don't suspect. Amazon.com works that way, sometimes, if you're not careful, you'll order over and over and not know it, your only recourse is to come here and complain when you get exactly what you ordered! (tr)
Posted by D. on 2006-06-13:
When they say 3 business, it would be 3 business days from the day they told you, which should be 6/13 because business days does not include the weekends..also, if it's going to your bank account, it may take and additional day or so for it so show up in your account, depending on the time of day your bank updates.
Posted by D. on 2006-06-13:
Sorry Hugh, I didn't read your response before posting...but as you see, I agree.
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-06-13:
It's easy enough to comment on why people do what they do...I certainly have bashed here before. But to tell this poster they shouldnt have made the purchase considering how much $ they had is not very helpful to the poster.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-13:
rhondam-Actually the comments fit the need of this poster. If he had $20K in the bank and no major payments, the $60 he "lost" would be a minor inconvenience. That someone spends 1/3 of their total liquid assets on Limewire belies a larger problem with their level of consumer awareness. Yours was simply "feel good" advice...respectfully.
Posted by Bell on 2006-06-14:
You do realize that occurred right before a weekend, right? Be patient!

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