Daewoo Motors Complaint - What a HUNK OF JUNK!!!

Review by Anonymous on 2001-12-12
SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- We purchased a 2000 Daewoo Lanos in mid-September of 2000. Two weeks later, the cassettte player broke. Within a month of purchase, the dome light wasn't working. Shortly after, the cigarette lighter went. In January, (4 months after purchase), the car completely died at the bottom of a downtown highway off-ramp during rush hour. The car has been re-wired THREE TIMES! During the summer of 2001, the headlights started acting up... one would blink, the other would work when it wanted to. It turns out that the bulbs were burning so hot that the connectors and everything else attached melted! A major oil leak happened around this same time. Both front tires blew at separate times, while driving on the highway at 60mph. Multiple belts have needed replacement. One of the most memorable moments was when the car filled-up with smoke while we were at the drive-thru of my bank. We had to evacuate the car and wait until the wiring cooled down before getting back home, only to be stranded by our broken down tin can. We just got a new clutch yesterday... the mechanic said he'd never heard a Lanos sound so bad. We've had the car just over a year and have brought it to the dealership so many times that EVERYONE there knows us by name, knows our daughter, and knows exactly where we live and work. The car has been an absolute nightmare since day one. See my other complaint about the service we got from the dealership -boy has that been a treat! DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING A HUNK OF JUNK DAEWOO!!! We thought it was great buy, until we got it off the lot! TAKE THE BUS! WALK! DO ANYTHING! JUST DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ON ONE OF THESE CARS!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-16:
To start with youre credit was so bad you couldnt buy any other make of car.
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-03-19:
I need to share with you my experience with my Daewoo. I've owned many imports; Austin Healy, Triumph, Opel, Datsun, Dodge Colt(Mitusbishi), Toyota, Ford Probe(Mazda), Suzuki, and my latest, a Daewoo. Also, a few american built; Ford Taurus and Pontiac Transport. My son was getting my Ford Probe, so it was time for me to shop around. I found a deal on a 2yr old 1999 Daewoo Lagenza.

I have to admitt, the Daewoo has been one of the best cars that I've owned. First, I'm an electrical engineer, and I enjoy working on my cars. Unfortunately with the Daewoo, I didn't have much opportunity. The 1999 models came with a bumper-bumper 3yr/36,000 mile warranty that even included ALL REGULAR maintenance. Oil changes, wiper blades, you name it(well, not the wear on the tires).

I bought the Daewoo from a Dodge dealer. The local Daewoo dealer went out of business and the service was now performed by my local Pontiac dealer.

I noticed the rubber seals around both driver side doors were slightly torn, showing signs of wear. Like from dragging one's shoe while getting out. I brought this to the attention of the dealer at my 6,000 mile free oil change and they ordered new ones and replaced them for free.

One thing I must admitt, the Daewoo does not have a very good heater when it gets below 0. I complained about this, and the dealer at no charge, flushed the coolant system, replaced the thermostat and inspected the heating duct system. The result was; it just doesn't get real HOT! Well it's only a 4cyl, and I adjusted my usage by turning up the speed of the fan and after 5-10 minutes, the car gets pretty warm. I have not had any mechanical problem with the Daewoo. When it was around 24,000 miles, I felt a little pulsating when applying the brakes. Again I mentioned this at my oil change and they replaced my brakes and rotors, no charge.

At around 45,000 miles I heard the low break warning squeak that is built into the Daewoo brake pads. Finally, something I can work on. It's now out of warranty. I purchased a set of front disc pads from the dealership. I think they were around $35. Highier than I'm used to paying for pads from Track Auto(usually around $15).

I was very impressed by the consruction of the caliper assembly and the ease of replacement of the brake pads. The new disc pads even came with all new heat sheilds and all new springs. I've never received such a complet brake kit from any other car manufacture.

I am looking forward to the new 2002 models this Summer that will have an in-line 6cyl. I really hope GM buys them to keep this great car around.
That's my only concern right now, is the future of the Daewoo company.

This past December, I bought a 1999 Daewoo Lanos for my daughter. It had only 30,000 miles on it so I thought I had another 6,000 miles on the warranty. However, it turned out that it was more than 36 months form the original date of sale. Well, so far it also has been reliable.

That's my story. I am a very happy Daewoo owner.
Well, almost. The problem now is, I would have liked to taken advantage of buying a new car with some of these special low/no interest rates being offered. But I'm too happy with my Daewoo to give it up.

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